DIY Websites – 5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Incredibly easy to use

Despite its power, the back end user interface of WordPress is incredibly clean and easy to understand. Because it began as a system focused on blogging it needed to be easy to use, not just to web developers but for anyone that cared to try it out. This intuitive back end has been what has propelled the popularity of WordPress since the beginning.

If you want to do something, the menu is going to be easy to find and make sense when you find it. On top of that, the admin can be customised by professional developers to meet your needs if required!

Need to organise events? Want to start a movie database? Cataloging types of amazon frog? No problem, it can be set up.

Even Easier to maintain

Can you click a button? Then you can keep your WordPress site up to date. It’s all automated so as a soon as a new version is available, you can update your site immediately.

All of the code output from WordPress is W3C standards compliant. This ensures complete compatibility across all modern browsers but also “future proofing”, so that it is easily extendible with new technologies as they are developed.

Infinitely extensible

Lots of platforms have plugins and extensions, but WordPress beats them all. From the amazingly easy to use plugin directory where you can extend the functionality in a matter of a couple of clicks, to the sheer number of people, (individuals up to big development agencies) making incredible plugins.

You can add galleries, sliders, forums, shopping carts and more. All of this while the core framework stays the same and can be updated without a hitch.

WordPress themes, the files that are loaded into the core and make what is commonly regarded as the “website template”, can be built or customized to do pretty much anything imaginable.

Great SEO performance, which is why Google loves WordPress

Google is constantly raising the bar in terms of what level of quality and relevance are rewarded by better search engine rankings, so it’s good to do whatever you can to improve your site’s search engine performance.

Due to the previous two points and many more, WordPress sites tend to do very well in Google search rankings. Even Matt Cutts of Google has said that WordPress is “a great choice” for improving your site’s SEO. If you’re site isn’t currently running on WordPress, it’s a safe bet it would be ranking better if it was.


What would the point in all of this be if WordPress wasn’t secure? By default, WordPress is a very secure system, with various methods in place to protect against attacks. Its ease of updating makes this even stronger. There are also many useful security plugins available.

How to earn credits in the World of Tanks

All novice players in well-known game World of Tanks want to acquire a more powerful tank. And the game is packed with all those famous tanks from WWII like Scorpion, Maus, Tiger, 121, OBJ 277, VK K, T20 WoT – which has a great review on website, and much more. And really, how to do it? To begin with, we define what is needed for this: first, the gaming experience; second, play money. How to quickly accumulate both? The most important thing to know: the profitability of tanks and how to get gold in the fastest and easiest way.

This can be achieved in several ways. Let’s sort the simplest, but rather expensive way – to get a premium tank . The truth for this tank will have to give real money by transferring funds from your e-wallet to your account in the game. The amount, however, can go far beyond three hundred real rubles. Although the advantages of a premium tank are obvious, there is a lot more free experience for each battle, and they don’t offend with play money on such tanks. The disadvantages of this method will be its high cost, and the premium class tanks in battle look far from brilliant. Reservations for them are weak, and the gun does not cause significant damage to the enemy’s equipment. Money in World of Tanks – loans and gold, gold – real money.

Another way is less expensive, but the same is associated with real money – buying a premium account . Such an account gives several advantages, this is a garage – it becomes clean, beautiful and tidy; all tanks, for the duration of the premium, are equated to premium tanks, that is, they are charged more experience and more play money (credits). But then again, the method is not cheap.
And the last way, free, but the longest. Use of technology that will bring more credits and more experience. Why give more experience and credit? Credits and experience in battles are charged for detecting enemy tanks, for causing damage and for destroying. In the World of Tanks profitable tanks bring an order of magnitude more than all other tanks (discussed below).

For reconnaissance, it is better to use a fast, small and protected tank; German leopard and beam tanks meet these requirements. To earn credits by destroying enemy tanks and damaging them, you can use a whole range of equipment.

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