Shielding Gases in Welding

The process of welding requires more than just heat between a work piece and an electrode to permanently join two metals together. Metals at very high temperatures are reactive chemically with the elements on the atmosphere, especially oxygen and nitrogen. These elements form oxides and nitrides when the molten metal comes in contact with the air. These oxides and nitrides destroy the strength properties of the weld joint. For this reason the arc welding process require some sort of protection for the weld puddle during the joining process. This protection also called shielding is in most cases achieved by the use of an external gas.

Shielding gases are considered consumables with the MIG, TIG and sometimes FCAW welding processes. The gases used for weld puddle protection can be inert, reactive or a mix of both. The factors that affect the suitability of a gas for a given process are the influence of the gas on the arcing and metal transfer characteristics during welding, weld penetration, width of fusion and surface shape, welding speed, and the tendency to undercut. Among the inert gases available, only Argon and Helium are plentiful enough for practical use in metal fabrication.

Shielding gases for GTAW (TIG)

Argon or helium or a mix of the two is commonly used in the TIG welding process. Argon provides the advantage of an easier arc starting, smoother arc action and better cleaning action for the welding of aluminum and magnesium. In the welding of thin material, argon is recommended because its lower arc voltage characteristic reduces the tendency for burn through. Helium is recommended for the welding of thicker material due to its higher arc voltage characteristics. A mixture of both is used to balance the arc characteristics. It cannot be said that one gas is better than the other; it is directly related to the welding needs.

Shielding gases for GMAW (MIG)

At a beginning, argon, helium or a mixture of these inert gases were used for GMAW. Other gases were not considered because the primary use of MIG welding was for welding reactive metals such as aluminum and magnesium which require inert gas shield. Now days the process is used for welding many metals that do not require inert gas shielding. Carbon dioxide shielding is widely used for MIG welding of carbon and low alloy steels in conjunction with deoxidized electrode. The main advantage over the inert gases is its lower cost.

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Close Protection

It is a common misconception that close protection is only for those who have a lot of money or are rich or influential. People who do have money and power are some of the most likely people to use these services however, it is not limited to just these categories of people. Obviously there is not a massive demand for close protection in general society, however if a person feels in danger then it is perfectly acceptable.

Contrary to popular belief, close protection is a lot more affordable than you would think, it can suit may budgets not just those of the affluent. Depending on your requirements you should be able to find close protection services that are specifically suited to your needs. Officers can be hired to simply escort someone of importance to an event, or an individual or family unit may require close protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a number of reasons in which case an officer can be hired to live in the house. Of course, the level of risk and the amount of time of service required and even the area in which you live can affect prices. If you are looking for something specific you will have to consult with a Security company London to assess the factors affecting the cost.

Slightly different to the typical idea of bodyguards stuck to the side of celebrities whilst wearing black suits, the average close protection officer is less easy to identify as a member of security. Their job is to keep a low profile whilst ensuring your safety at all times.

Although it is the rich and affluent who are the most prevalent in their use of close protection we can see that it is a service that is designed for all manner of people no matter where they stand in society. So, close protection could be the answer for you if find yourself in a threatening situation and fear for your safety or are caught up in a high profile court case or even are the victim of domestic violence. It is not money that determines whether you need close protection or not, it is the severity of the situation you find yourself in.

General Information Regarding U.S. Patents

In the United States, a patent is a right to exclude others from practicing your invention. Patents are granted by the government for a limited term – approximately 17 years for a utility patent and 14 years for a design patent.

It is critical to understand that a U.S. patent is never a right to practice your invention, such a right would depend on your invention not infringing any other valid and in-force patent. In other words, you may obtain a patent on your invention and still be unable to make, use or sell it, if it infringes an existing patent. There are patent agencies like Invent Help that could help you with your understanding of the patent.

A patent contains a description of the invention and a number of claims. The description, which consists of drawings in a design patent but usually contains both text and drawings in a utility patent, must be sufficient to teach a person skilled in the art of the invention to make and use the invention. This is known as an “enabling” disclosure. InventHelp can do this for you as well, learn why new inventors turn to InventHelp.

A design patent includes only one claim directed towards the ornamental design of the product, but in order to judge the breadth of that claim, say for evaluating infringement, one must compare the design to the prior art. A design patent’s breadth can therefore never be understood by looking only at the design patent and not at the prior art.

A utility patent, on the other hand, can contain any number of claims, each effectively forming an individual grant whose validity stands and falls independent of all of the remaining claims.

Why Should I Do An International Patent Search?

A patent filed or issued in any foreign country has the same effect as a US patent, i.e. the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiner will reject a patent based on finding conflicting prior art anywhere in the world. The Patent and Trademark Office examiners always conduct an international patent search before proceeding. When filing for a patent, if conflicting prior art is found and your patent application receives a final rejection, you will lose all money invested in filing a patent application.

Your Protection: Secrecy And Non-use Agreement

This agreement should be signed by anyone you disclose your invention to prior to filing a patent application. Failure to disclose an invention in confidence can be considered placing it into the public domain, which may present future problems in prosecuting the patent as you can see from

What Are The Possible Results Of A Patent Search?

  • The patent search shows there is no conflicting prior art, then your patent attorney can proceed to write the US Patent application.
  • The patent search shows there is a “direct hit” or conflicting prior art. (Possible solution).
  • The patent search is not clear as to whether the prior art has a “direct hit” or is in the public domain. (Solution).
  • The patent search finds a patent that has expired and the invention is in the public domain. (Possible Solution).

Who Will Do Your International Patent Searches?

Your international patent search will be conducted by a patent search specialists, such as InventHelp, consisting of engineers, scientists, former patent examiners and/or patent attorneys with degrees and expertise in all common disciplines. These experts have all undergone extensive international patent search training.

All About Neon Signs

Neon signs are made of clear glass tubes bent into letters, shapes or whatever design and are filled with inert gas at low pressures. With a touch of an electrical current, the gas inside the tube glows.

The most commonly used gas is neon. Neon is a noble gas discovered by Ramsay and Travers in the 1800s. It is the second lightest inert gas and can be extracted from our atmosphere. Neon gas is often used in neon signs and gives a distinct bright red glow. Of course, they come in variety of colors, such as a purple neon sign, blue neon sign, green neon sign or almost any color. Even though they are called neon signs, other gas can also be used such as argon. Argon gives off a blue hue.

The type of glass and gas used determines the color of neon sign lights. With the basic knowledge that neon gas shines red and argon blue, neon sign makers can mix these two bases with colored tubes lined fluorescent powders to produce a number of colors. An example is to put red-glowing neon gas in a yellow tube to produce an orange light. Place blue-glowing argon in yellow tube and a green light is produced.

Commercial applications of neon signs can be seen in business signage and advertising media. With expert glass bending, practically any design can be produced. They can be small and simple as the open sign or the company logo. They can also be wide and intricate such as the ones seen in hotels and casinos. Neon signs can either have static or flashing lights. Programming the switches to turn on and off can produce animated neon signs.

What You Must Do To Patent Ideas

For a field that can become so complex in practice, in theory patent info quite simple. An patent is a grant of the exclusive legal right to an invention. In the United States, a invention is defined as a product, process or improvement that is new, useful and non-obvious.

Patent law specifically states that it is not possible to patent ideas – specifically “mere ideas.”. This does not mean, however, that ideas have to be turned into a concrete reality to receive a patent. That is far from the case, in fact as explained by Invent Help patenting agency.

The Patent Office does not evaluate applications to patent ideas on how close they are to becoming reality or even their scientific validity for that matter. Invention applications are judged on whether they meet the three criteria (novelty, utility and non-obviousness) and whether the idea has been “reduced to practice.”

So if you can create a complete description process to realize your idea, you can patent it as you can see from new invention videos on YouTube. Even if the process you describe uses technology that does not yet exist.. The fact that nobody has ever succeeded in realizing this invention is irrelevant to the patent application as it the remoteness of the likelihood that anyone ever will. As long as it meets the three criteria of novel (by a long shot), useful, and non-obvious, that’s enough to receive a patent.

How To Make Your Business Efficient

Business management, or business service management, is a method by which information technology resources are allocated so that they can best serve the customer. The word “customer” in this sense does not necessarily mean an external customer of the business, it can mean an internal customer of any one department. Within an effective organization, other departments are seen as customers of the department which is providing the services, and it is just as important for these departments to receive services efficiently as it is for external customers.

Of course, it is always the provision of quality services to the end consumer which is the ultimate objective of any business organization, and the departments within that organization which are directly customer facing obviously have the highest degree of responsibility. These departments are directly experienced by the consumers who create the revenue for the business, so if something is not right, it is guaranteed that the customer will notice. With an internal department, there is always the chance to correct any error before it becomes visible to the outside world.

Without adequate direction from the center business management becomes erratic. To maintain efficiency throughout the organization, managers at the highest level need to be dictating the overall strategy to lower departments. This is because they can see what no-one else can. From their unique vantage point, they are able to observe the entire workings of each department, and they can see at a glance where improvements need to be made. If these improvements can be effectively communicated to the lower managers, they can easily be implemented as you can read from this article about Michael Valentin.

This concept of business service management also allows for important feedback to come from customers. While it may be somewhat difficult to get accurate feedback from end consumers who are outside the organization, there is no such difficulty in procuring internal feedback. This feedback can be given directly to the management of the department providing the service, or it can be given to the management at a higher level. Either way, any deficiencies can quickly be identified and put right. This ability to identify areas of possible weakness, and quickly correct them, is what makes business service management so effective.

All of the departments which operate within a business are thus able to see themselves in the same unified way. They are able to see themselves as service providers, whether or not they are dealing with the end consumer. This allows overall management to set performance targets for each individual department, ensuring that there is no weak link in the chain which leads to the end customer being served. The larger the organization, the greater the need for this type of quality control. Having said that, any organization which has multiple departments will benefit from the inbuilt efficiency of business management service.

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How to choose an cheap car shipping company?

There is a lot of difference when it comes to national and international car shipping. The rules and the tax formats differ from countries to countries and hence, it is important that you choose a dependable company as far as shipping your car internationally is concerned. More and more people are looking for Cheap Car Shipping companies and hence, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind in order to make the entire process (of shipping cars) cost efficient and smooth.

Globalization has made the world a smaller place and every now and then, we hear our friends and family members relocating to other countries in search of better job opportunities and hence, the need for international shipping has also increased. Most people prefer to take their beloved cars with them and there are many reasons behind it. In most of the cases, selling the old car in the resident country and buying a new one in the country the person is relocating to a very expensive affair. Moreover, buying a new car is full of other complexities as well. You possibly do not know any car dealers in the new country and you possibly have other priorities to look after when you are in a completely new place. Today, there are many cheap auto transport companies to choose from and hence, you will surely get one whose quotes suit your budget.

How is international auto shipping different from national shipping?

As mentioned above national shipping and international shipping companies are entirely different as an international auto shipping company needs to deal with many legal formalities that differ from country to country and the completion of these formalities usually is time consuming. If you do not have any experience as far as international shipping is concerned, it is always better to take the help of experts as in auto shipping companies that are experienced and have been in this field as their representatives would be there to help you at every step.

Even if you some past experience with international car shipping, then also it is better to hire the services of a trustworthy company as the norms and regulations vary as far as shipping different vehicles are concerned, like cars, motorbikes, SUVs etc. and moreover, the norms tend to change on regular basis and you might know about the latest changes.

Points to consider before hiring a car shipping company

When you are approaching a cheap car shipping company, you need to make one very sure and that is whether the company is capable of shipping your car to your chosen destination. Safety is the first thing that you need to consider when it comes to international car shipping and just to save a few extra dollars, you possibly cannot risk your car. It is just not worth it. It is better to choose a company that offers both way services as if you are required to stay in a place for short time, then hiring a different company for shipping your car is not a good idea.

Sheet Metal Brake

The equipment used for bending or molding metal is called the sheet metal brake. It is mainly used for any type or mode of shaping metals. The sheet metal brake is commonly used for industries of commercial sliding and window sliding, as well as heating and ventilation, manufacturing, and body shops; though they are not necessarily restricted to these. Smaller work settings also use have use of this equipment; examples are the gutter and downspout installers.

Manufacturing companies have large electronic sheet metal brakes for the production of certain materials; these machineries are to be handled by trained workers alone. Meanwhile, smaller work settings – the siding, windows, gutters, and downspouts installers – require only a small sheet metal brake, often portable and hand-operated. On the whole, the sheet metal brakes have a variety of types and uses open for several manufacturing processes; such may be of industrial fabrication or of garage workshops.

Advance heavy sheet metal press brakes, such as the Shenchong metal press brake, which weigh tons, are elaborated not only with the general use of the equipment, but with the specifications of its procedures and diagrams. There are the smaller versions of these, of course; though not as highly functional, they still perform its basic task which is the shaping of metal. Basically, the sheet metal brake is essential for many of the industrial areas. At one point or another, they would require the bending of metal in the process of their production. One specific feature of this sheet metal brake is to contain the metal material steadily while it is in the process of ‘bending’.

Some large tool companies offer access and rental to a sheet metal brake for those who wish to make use of it for home purposes. Often, these are the people in need to replace a piece of aluminum siding, a downspout, a gutter, or window flashing. On the other hand, if the project involves complicated tasks and accurate measures, it is better that you consult a professional or go to a metal fabrication shop for a custom-made design that is precise to your requirement. The result would be probably better than if you’ve crafted it on your own; further, the cost would most likely be cheaper, if not equal, to the price of the sheet metal brake rental.

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