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Video Marketing Strategy

Not every video posted on the web has a content strategy behind it. The mistake many businesses make is to simply upload a video in the hope that they will get viewed. Do a search on YouTube for videos with a similar title or on a similar subject. The number of views they receiving will help to determine if they have a video strategy behind it.

You’ll need to come up with a structured plan for video implementation over a 3 – 12 month period.

First, you need to define what success looks like for your business or campaign. Will this be an increase in leads, sales, or visits to your website? Perhaps an increase in click through rates, or a reduction in bounce rate?

When you set out to create a video marketing strategy, the road ahead may seem long – but there are indicators that can be assessed early on to determine if your campaign is going well, or off to a good start. How many likes are your videos receiving, how many shares, how many comments? How many people people are linking to your blog or videos? Are viewers watching your videos all the way through, or dropping off half way through? There are several online platforms and tools online that can be used to monitor this, such as Wistia.

To reap the benefits from your organization promotional video campaign, produce content that is interesting and useful. This will help to establish your brand as the go to experts in your industry – if your content is promoted correctly.

Identify key bloggers or influencers in your industry. Would they be willing to be interviewed on camera talking about your industry, or reviewing your products or services?

If you are considering producing a series of online videos, put together a editorial calendar. This may involve releasing a video, or a batch of videos, once every week, 2 weeks or monthly. Have a reason for communicating to your prospects, have something new to say. This can help to build a sense of anticipation among your target audience.


International freight forwarding services

Companies that deal in import/export business seek the service of an international freight forwarding company that is capable of handling movement of goods over international borders in an efficient manner. The transportation of goods can include different carriers or moving services. Since it is an international transaction, there always will be stringent rules to follow. A freight forwarding professional will have the necessary knowledge about the international law. They will look into the matters of checking and preparing required documents for customs and insurance requirements, and to ensure your shipment is in compliance with the rules and regulations of destination country. Unlike a customs broker, a freight forwarding company handles logistics and movement of the goods.

International freight forwarding services

While you choose a reliable international freight forwarding service, you can ensure that the goods will reach its destination in the predetermined time and in good condition. Freight forwarding companies usually have a lot of working connections with movers and carriers of all kind. They will be able to provide you with airfreight forwarding, ship freight forwarding or freight trucking service after analyzing your specific requirement. If you have perishable goods, the freight forwarder in most cases will choose an airfreight forwarding service. If the goods are too heavy and large-sized, they will pick a ship freight forwarding service. They will also bargain for a lower quote from the carriers.


German Shepherd Training Tips

Training German Shepherd puppies is important as proper training has to imparted in the vital formative years of the dog’s life. German Shepherds are among the most popular dogs in the world and are in fact the second most popular dog in the United States behind only the Golden Retriever. Apart from being large, powerful and agile, the most desirable trait of German Shepherds is their intelligence and loyalty. They are extremely intelligent, said to the third most intelligent dog after poodles and Border Collies. A combination of strength, size, loyalty, intelligence, agility and willingness to learn makes them the ideal dog breed and hence they are so popular as work dogs. They are in fact very versatile and make excellent companion dogs and service dogs as well. But an animal as fast and powerful as this can be dangerous if not trained properly. Hence, German Shepherds has to be trained properly in order to be useful for the role they are selected for.

Training German Shepherd puppies the right way is important. It is always better to catch them young and train them the way you want them to be. German Shepherds are large and powerful dogs and an untrained and unruly dog can be quite a handful. So better discipline these dogs at an early age when they are smaller and easier to handle. And make sure you use the proper verbal cues. Have distinct, clearly audible commands and use them consistently so that the dog does not get confused. But the German Shepherd’s intelligence comes into play here. These dogs will learn commands in about five repetitions and will learn fast.

While training German Shepherd puppies, also be sure to use a proper authoritative tone of voice but not so much so that is scares the dog. German Shepherds are obedient, but they still need to be reminded who’s the boss and they should obey your commands. And also do not undermine the importance of non-verbal cues – hand gestures. If your dog is too far away to hear you, you may find the hand gesture to be useful. So settle on appropriate hand gestures and use these gestures consistently so that the dog gets well acquainted with them.

And remember to maintain proper eye contact while training German Shepherd puppies. German Shepherds, despite there size are lively and energetic and maintain proper eye contact means you are not ignoring the dog which can try to seek your attention. These are just basic tips, for much more detailed guide you can visit Happy German Shepherd site. But no matter what training methods you choose, respect the intelligence of the dog and don’t let the training go on forever. German Shepherds will learn after a few repetitions and overdoing it will simply bore the dog.

Health and Beauty

Is a Weight Lifting Belt Necessary?

Most of the people who you see wearing weight belts in a gym should and could train without them. There are disadvantages and advantages of training with a weight belt. But probably the biggest disadvantage is that it can cause you to rely completely on your belt.

The result is that you could actually end up missing out on getting the gains that will increase your core strength. It does not mean to say that a weight belt is useless and it certainly is something that should be used when doing all compound exercises like deadlift or squats.

The point is that when doing some isolated exercise like tricep pushdowns one will tend to use a weight belt which will certainly take away from the overall potential gains that you can get. Most people who train with weights are doing it to increase their muscle.

This means that one would more than lightly consider the increase of the thickness of your lower back muscles to be an advantage. To be able to show a set of hard six-packs is every man’s dream and can sometimes be the reason for one to start weight training in the first place.

Well if your objective is to get a thick six-pack that can easily be seen then it is highly recommended that you only use your weight belt when doing serious compound exercises. It goes without saying that if you have a lower back problem that you contact a doctor first.

A physical therapist or a doctor will be able to tell you if wearing a weight belt when you train is going to help with your lower back problem. If you do not have any lower back issues it is certainly recommended that you do most of your workouts without using a weight belt.

It is a not good idea to use a weight belt when you are doing light or medium intensity workouts. What this means is the sets and reps that you are working with should dictate whether you wear a weight belt or not. For example when you are training to the point of failure and beyond then you need a weight belt to avoid injury as you can read from Gainer – an online weightlifting guide.

For example when you start your workout and are doing sets and reps that will eventually result in you doing one to three reps you should start off without a weight belt. As you get closer to the point of failure like doing three reps then you need all the help you can get.

As mentioned above use a weight belt only for major compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, military presses, etc. where you are standing and are handling a lot of weight. Never use a belt for isolation exercises like curls, press-downs, crunches, etc. This will not help you get strong.


Everything can be found online

The quick access to information and other fast resources gave much better access to all the individuals and businesses. Well, the online approach has its pros and cons as well. The threat comes to manual workers and those who have little computer know-how. What is it that they would do after online systems and information? Your father or grandpa belongs to a plus sixty age group and wants to know the latest about his retirement policy, which comes online. (Should he be computer proficient and take the benefits of online information or wait a little, until it is posted to him via some carrier?) The online information system works much faster than the manual ones. For example a research paper completion result is announced. Believe me, the online result would be displayed on the day of declaration, but you will be informed by post after a week. Shouldn’t you be saving your time and be more efficient. Think of universities and schools whose admission and results systems have gone online. What is the benefit?

The benefit is time saving and knowing things on time.

So it’s better to move with the world and learn new things as well. Reading an online HTML link and learning the basics of web language charges less than buying a thick book on web programming. See how much time it takes to get an online CV or employee resume and make changes to it. It takes less than second. Think of making changes to hard copied CV or the scanned CV. You will spend more effort and time while making changes to it. Reading a newspaper online is even possible using sites like and you can save on the bills at least. Read the same newspaper online, if you have free internet access in your office. Also the online systems have made the task of Human resource departments simpler than before. Instead of collecting CVs from CV boxes, they discard the CVs in the initial screening now.

Health and Beauty

Different Types of Surrogates

Many people wonder why a woman would offer the use of her body for another person’s child. It is a valid curiosity since many people could not imagine carrying a child and then giving it up after birth; even if it is not their biological baby. There are two basic arrangements for surrogate pregnancies in Georgia; altruistic and commercial. Which arrangement the intended parents go with is their choice totally.

Some people prefer an altruistic surrogate arrangement. Altruism is the act of doing a kindness with no hope, need or want of gain, financial or otherwise. Altruistic surrogates offer their services out of the kindness of their heart. Some simply enjoy being pregnant and others not only enjoy it, but love helping people live their dream of raising a family. In cases like this, the intended parents will typically seek out a friend or family member to become their surrogate. However, when someone they know cannot be found for surrogacy purposes there are other ways to find an altruistic surrogate. There are people who place ads for surrogacy or go through special agencies. Keep in mind that no matter how a surrogacy situation is decided upon, it is always best to involve an attorney to ensure that things go properly for everyone involved. This is true even if the surrogate is a family member or friend. Remember the old saying; it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it involves something as important as another life.

On the other side of things is the commercial Surrogacy in Georgia. Commercial surrogates are compensated for their time and effort, even if they are still doing it because they want to give people the gift of having a child. These types of surrogate mothers are paid for carrying the child. All expenses related to the pregnancy are covered, as is medical care, travel cost, etc. Other perks may be included (maternity clothing, etc.) if all parties agree on it before hand. Before making any concrete arrangements, the intended parents should study their insurance policy to see if they can have the surrogate mother covered on their plan, keeping in mind that all of medical expenses related to the pregnancy must be taken care of for her. These medical necessities may include illnesses not pregnancy related simply because it could end up affecting the baby somehow or another. In general, commercial surrogates and intended parents do not know each other before the search for a surrogate mother has begun. This makes it less personal and is sometimes what people prefer.

Before making the choice of which type of surrogate to use, consider the feelings of all people involved. While many friends and family members are happy to do this wonderful thing for someone they love and care about, everyone must think about the possible feelings of the intended parents and the surrogate. For instance, if a sister carries a child for her brother and his wife, she must be prepared for how she may feel giving up the child she carried for them knowing that she will be part of its life forever. This may be very difficult for some people so it must be deeply considered before hand.


Training your dog to come on command

Training your dog to come on command can be tricky, but it is a very important command as it will allow you to call your dog back to you should he be heading into a dangerous situation. In fact, the “Come” command is probably the most important command that you can master when it comes to the safety of your pet.

The problem is that, in order to Hunde richtig erziehen to obey any command, you have to first get him to perform the desired action. This can be problematic with the “come” command since it is in your dogs nature to explore his surroundings. You’ve probably noticed that when you bring your dog anywhere he is always running off to inspect something new, right? So how do you get him to “come” to you on his own before you train him to obey the command?

The answer is to simply work with nature. While your dog will love to explore places (even your own home and yard) he will eventually return to you – the alpha dog. So what you need to do is let him get some exploring out of his system and then when he is coming back to you, issue the “come” command. When he gets to you lavish him with praise and a few treats.

You might also try getting him into the sit position by issuing the “Sit” command, then give the “Stay” command. Obviously, your dog must have mastered these two commands prior to this training. Then walk away a bit and encourage him to come to you while saying ‘Come” in a firm tone. Your body language and encouragement will probably do the trick and once he gets their heap on the praise.

Now, there are two problems that might crop up – one is that your dog will not come to you at all and the other is that he will come too soon – even before you have issued the command. Here’s some tricks you might try to remedy these behaviors:

  • If your dog does not come, it could be that he is a little bit confused from his prior training with the “Stay” command and he is just trying to be a good dog. Or, it could be that he is just stubborn! Either way, you might tray putting a leash and collar on and pulling him (gently) towards you when you issue the “Come” command.
  • If your dog has the opposite problem and runs after you as soon as you walk away, then you might want to revisit the “Stay” command. You can use a leash and collar for this as well and wrap the leash around a tree then pull back on it when he tries to “come” too soon and release it after you issue the command.

As with any training, teaching your dog to come takes patience and persistence. Think of it as a fun exercise that you can do with your pet and always remember to use positive reinforcement, rewarding the good behavior and ignoring the bad.