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What Gear Do You Need For Your First Game?

So you’ve got a date set for your first paintball game, but you don’t know what to bring? I’ll just assume you’re going to an actual paintball field, and not just woodsballing with your friends.

First Time Paintballing


Yes, paintball is an expensive sport. You don’t want to get to the field and find out that you don’t have enough for rentals, paintballs, air, and the entrance fee. Some fields don’t charge an entrance fee, but make sure you check before you go, or bring enough cash just in case.


Lots of fields require you to buy your paintballs from the field, which is a lot more expensive than buying them somewhere else. Check and see if you are allowed to BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint). It will be much cheaper that way.

Long sleeves/pants

As long as it’s not going to be too hot, you’ll want to wear long sleeves and pants. Yes it’s still going to hurt when you get shot, but not as much as bare skin.


Depending on how long you’re going to be playing, you should bring some refreshments. Some fields don’t sell food, and the ones that do are usually pricey. Just bring a bottle of water and some sandwiches or something, playing is going to make you hungry.


You’re probably going to want to take pictures/videos of the field, since it will be really cool, so don’t forget your camera.

You will be able to rent your gun, CO2 (maybe even HPA), and mask from the field. If it’s your first time paintballing, it’s usually best to rent the first time as described on Once you play, you can decide if you want to buy your own equipment.


Wearing Christian clothing is an act of commitment

Wearing Christian clothing nowadays is not like wearing religious wear back in Jesus’ day. Back then, the Judean world Jesus moved in gave lots of brownie points to religious types that gave grand speeches, disfigured their faces to publicize their fasting, and made all sorts of displays so they can be seen in places of prestige at well-publicized events like weddings. Today, spiritual wear is often looked down upon. In our modern world, religion and spirituality are viewed as relics of the past. Indeed, being an ‘out of the closet’ Christian is a surefire way to get all sorts of negative attention.

So far from the Pharisees of old, modern Christians wearing Christian clothing today are embarked on a defiant adventure. They are defying the ‘go along to get along’ world of modern life to stand courageously for principles that are increasingly viewed as out of date, intolerant, irrelevant, and pointless. Far from getting you a ‘place of honor’ at public events, wearing Christian clothing is an act of commitment because it can draw insults, mad stares, and wagging tongues. Wear it loud and wear it proud-since your pride isn’t based on your own works, merit, or worth but on the author of the words on your Christian clothing-our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as explained on

You may be the only Bible some people will ever get to read

As a Christian, you should remember that once people know you are a Christian, they will be watching you. They will be looking for situations when your actions don’t match your words. In a very real sense, you will be carrying the trademark and brand of Christ. This is a heavy responsibility. People often prefer a sermon they can see rather than the ones they merely hear. Make sure your actions bring glory to Him that saved you. Claim his victory on the cross and get the power to align your life to the words you proclaim. Only His power can do this since humans have no such power.


Christian Tees Keep You In Style

If you met a salesman who was loud, obnoxious, and made you angry with him would you consider him a ‘good’ salesman? We are called by Christ to witness for Him and sharing the Word and witnessing all involve salesmanship. Your salesmanship is compromised if you give off signals that draw people away. You have to speak the language of the people you are trying to reach. You have to draw their attention and appeal to their interest. To close the sale, you have to call them to action. However, you won’t get there if you turn them off at the first instance. Clear? This is where Christian tees come in. Since they are stylish and speak the graphical language of modern T-shirt designs, you are able to attract attention. You are able to connect to the eyes of the onlooker. This is the key first step in your own personal efforts at spreading the Word.

Draw Interest with Christian tees

The second stage in the sales process is to connect with the interests of the prospect. Everyone is looking for meaning. Everyone wants to know why they even exist. Everyone wants a purpose. Of course, people try to answer this gnawing feeling and empty sensation with worldly things-money, sex, fame, power, addictions, you name it. But as the ‘all you can eat’ buffet of worldly delights run out in our quest for meaning, we are left with nothing-just a hole in the middle of our souls. A truly honest person knows this. This is the interest Christian tees draw out as written in article.

Create Desire and Call to Action

In a split second, the seeker’s attention and interest are engaged. Once a person’s interest is engaged, the person will instinctively ask ‘What’s next?’ In other words, the person has desire for the answer you are hinting at. This is where Christian tees fill the desire with the Word or a graphic of Christ. Christ is the answer! If the prospect is still interested at this point, the next step is a call to action-this is where the sale is closed. Some churches’ Christian tees have mobile phone numbers or website URLs were people can visit for more information. Every glance, every look from oncoming strangers is an opportunity. Wear Christian tees and never hide your light under a bushel. You are, after all, carrying His Gospel in your heart. Christian tees allow you to be a more effective salesman for Christ.


Remind Yourself Of Your Personal Commitment

Living for Christ requires daily doses of courage and perseverance. It is too tempting to give up or give in. It takes the resolve of saints to fully commit to Christ on a daily basis and truly live for him not just with our words but with our actions. It takes strength to love him not just in public but also when no one is looking. It takes real strength to follow Him both in good times and in bad. Who can find courage to always be thankful even when everything seems to be falling apart?

Jesus t-shirts remind us that His words never fail

The good news is that we can trust God’s words. We can find refuge in his promises because He himself said in Deuteronomy that his words don’t come back to him void. In other words, His words don’t fail. How can they? They are, after all, uttered by the same voice that created everything. The good news is that Christ promised those that come to him that the yoke He will give them will be light. How can this be? Aren’t yokes normally made of heavy wood or heavy thick strands of metal? The reason Christ’s yoke is light is because He himself will bear it for us. If we follow Him, he sends His Holy Spirit to us daily to give us the strength to resist temptation and to do what is right day after day after day. It is His Holy Spirit that enables us to walk in his commands daily because our own strength will fail us. Ultimately, it is Jesus Christ himself who gives us the power to live for Him every single day.

You can help yourself this basic truth by wearing Jesus t-shirts. Jesus t-shirts serve as daily affirmations that YES-we CAN do everything through Christ who strengthens us as you can read from This means forgiving people who have hurt us. This means being able to stand by our principles when it is so much more profitable and easy to cut corners. This means we are able to say NO when the world says ‘If you don’t do it, someone else will.’ Jesus t-shirts serve as personal reminders of the commitment we’ve made.


Encourage Fellow Believers

It can be quite a lonely experience being a Christian. Let’s face it-the world at large often has a different set of values from the values held by Christians. It can easily feel like the values you hold dear are under assault. Moreover, the temptation to put your self above others might seem very hard to resist a lot of the time. The truth is, the Bible holds many promises and declarations we can claim to remain strong against the temptations offered by the world and the world’s war against our values and principles. We can also claim the Bible’s truths to encourage fellow believers in their daily walk with Christ. If you are looking for a way to signal to other believers your support in their daily struggle to claim the victory Christ has secured for their lives, you can show your encouragement and support through Christian t-shirts.

Visual support

Christian t-shirts go a long way in appealing to the eyes while trumpeting the everlasting word of God. By wearing Christian t-shirts, you show solidarity with fellow believers who might not be as visual or as vocal about their faith as described on You have done your part by reminding them that they are not alone in their belief. In fact, the shirt you are wearing might be a good way to draw a fellow Christian forward for some reassuring talks and words of comfort and support.

Support Through The Word

As God himself proclaimed in Deuteronomy, his words do not come back to him void. His words have effect. How can they fail considering God created everything with mere words? Since God’s words have so much power, showing his words on your Christian t-shirts help bless fellow believers. Regardless of where they are in their personal relationship with Christ, seeing His words on a shirt make for a great reminder that Jesus is always there for them.


Why Invest in Physical Gold?

With the power оf gold tо influence the stock market it iѕ nо surprise that gold in IRA will bе vеrу beneficial fоr a struggling retiree. Gold investing саn bе dоnе in two ways: Firѕt iѕ bу investing in physical gold like bullion coins and gold bars, second iѕ bу investing in gold certificates and gold holdings. Onе оf the mаnу wауѕ that investors invest gold in IRA iѕ tо hаvе their IRA purchase stocks frоm mining companies. Investors tаkе comfort in the fact that there аrе nо taxes involved in gold investing.

Gold investing entitles уоu tо own gold bullion coins distributed bу various government firms. Thеrе аrе аlѕо mаnу gold alliances that profit frоm selling this precious metal. Sоmе associations comprise оf gold dealers, collectors, brokers and bankers. If уоu make a gold purchase frоm banks уоu will receive a deposit slip that indicates the quantity оf gold уоu bought along with itѕ corresponding value. This precious resource will bе delivered tо уоu in raw form. Gold jewelry саn аlѕо bе sold fоr a higher price bесаuѕе they аrе generally mоrе refined and hаvе higher aesthetic value. Gold sellers typically raise the price uр tо pay fоr the additional expenses concerning gold investment. Thеѕе include storage, shipping and insurance which аrе аll determined bу what the buyers want.

Bеfоrе making аnу attempt tо make your investment, it iѕ important tо knоw the basic transactions tо bе made ѕuсh аѕ the gold transfer and a gold IRA rollover. A transfer оf assets frоm аn IRA account occurs either bу a direct transfer оr bу a check which the IRA custodian writes tо the IRA holder who then deposits hiѕ assets intо another IRA account. This uѕuаllу dоеѕ nоt require the notification оf the IRS. A rollover оn the other hand obligates the custodian tо hand оvеr the assets directly tо another custodian. Moreover, уоu аlѕо nееd tо make sure уоu аrе making a business deal with reputable gold dealers tо avoid scams that could potentially kill your investments. Awareness iѕ the key in making a good and worthwhile investment. With itѕ powerful reputation and luster that brings economic prosperity, making investments in gold will continue tо thrive fоr mоrе generations tо come.

Search Engine Optimization
Internet and Technology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important strategies in promoting your business website. Most web developers do not provide this service to their clients and most customers don’t understand the concept.

Search engines, especially Google, are the YellowPages for the 21st century. Businesses derived most of their new clients from their ad in the YellowPages and they could spend more money on a larger ad or a more strategic location for the ad or multiple listings in related sections.

Search Engine Optimization

Although you can buy adwords with Google to get your ad/website listed on the first page of your targeted search phrase, this is not an “organic” technique. In order to rank high with the search engines you must design your site targeting the people searching for your product/service.

Getting on the first page of a Google search result is no small feat. It takes a coordinated effort between client, web developer and SEO specialist. It also takes time. Google takes days to crawl your site, weeks to index it and months to move your website up in the Page Rankings. There may be other sites on the results first page that have been indexed for years… this will take longer to move up in the rankings results page.

Google takes its Page Rankings and search engine algorithms very seriously. They will not hesitate to ban your site for using “black hat” techniques like spamming. Once banned, it is very difficult to get your site reindexed.

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes a lot of expertise to deliver high page rankings for your company’s search phrases, let professional خدمات سيو help you get get there.