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How Solar by Personet’s 3kW Solar Rooftop System is Revolutionizing Homes in Chonburi

In Chonburi, a paradigm shift is occurring in how households consider their energy usage. Leading this change, Solar by Personet introduces its 3kW Solar Rooftop System—an innovative solution designed to meet the energy needs of modern homes while offering significant cost savings.

A Peek into the Power of 3 Kilowatts

Solar energy has become increasingly popular, not only because of its environmental benefits but also due to the efficiency and reliability that come with it. The 3kW system from Solar by Personet epitomizes this shift—providing up to 3000 watts of clean power. This system is especially suited for small to medium-sized households, seamlessly powering daily essentials from morning until night.

Affordability and Long-term Savings

Solar by Personet’s 3kW solar setup is priced at 110,000 THB—making it an affordable way for homeowners to adopt solar energy. The investment is quickly recovered through reduced monthly electricity bills, a benefit that accumulates over the system’s 25-30 year lifespan. This long-term saving is pivotal given rising costs of traditional energy sources.

The Technical Edge

What sets the 3kW system apart is its combination of cutting-edge technology and tailored installation. Solar by Personet employs the latest in solar panel efficiency, ensuring that households receive the highest possible energy output, even during less sunny periods. Proper installation angles and positioning further optimize sunlight capture, an essential factor in maximizing the system’s productivity.

Beyond Savings: Enhancing Lifestyle and Property Value

Transitioning to solar power with the 3kW system does more than just decrease electricity costs, it enhances the overall lifestyle of its users. It provides a consistent and reliable power source, essential for the comfort and convenience of modern living. Furthermore, homes equipped with solar systems see an increase in property value, making this an investment that pays dividends in more ways than one.

Maintenance and Durability: A Worry-Free Investment

Concerns about maintenance are often a barrier to solar adoption. However, Solar by Personet’s approach includes comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring that the system remains efficient and effective throughout its life. The durability of the panels, combined with regular maintenance, means that the system remains a reliable source of energy with minimal additional investment.

Seamless Integration with Modern Homes

The design and aesthetic of the 3kW system have been carefully considered to ensure that it complements the architectural integrity of any home. Its sleek, unobtrusive panels not only generate power but do so without detracting from the home’s appearance—important in maintaining curb appeal.


In essence, Solar by Personet’s 3kW Solar Rooftop System is transforming how homes in Chonburi access and use energy. It offers an ideal blend of affordability, efficiency, and lifestyle enhancement, marking a significant step towards embracing a future where clean, reliable, and self-sufficient energy solutions are the norm. With the 3kW system, homeowners are not just investing in solar panels; they’re investing in a brighter, more empowered future.

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Your Go-To Computer Repair Service in Sydney: PcComputersNSW

When your computer starts acting up, it’s not just an inconvenience, it often feels like your whole life gets put on pause. If you’re in Sydney and hitting a tech snag, there’s a place where fast, efficient, and reliable help is just around the corner: PcComputersNSW. With over two decades dishing out top-notch repair services, PcComputersNSW is the cyber emergency room for troubled laptops and desktops alike.

Lightning-fast Fixes to Get You Back Online

Waiting for your computer to get fixed feels a bit like waiting for rain in a drought – painful. PcComputersNSW promises rapid resolutions, often delivering a 24 to 48-hour turnaround. They understand that your time is priceless and work around the clock to diagnose digital woes before you can say “computer crash.”

Comprehensive Array Of Computer Repair And Maintenance Services

As you can see from their website, they provide a comprehensive array of computer repair and maintenance services. Their expertise spans a wide range of areas crucial for both personal and professional computing needs. Here’s a brief overview of the services they offer:

  • Mac Repair: Support for Apple products including MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones with services ranging from screen repairs to chipset replacement.
  • Laptop Repairs: Hardware and software repairs for laptops of all brands and models, ensuring your device is always performance-ready.
  • Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement: Specialized services for fixing backlit issues, cracked screens, and more for all laptop brands.
  • Virus Removal: Comprehensive malware and virus removal services, along with antivirus installation and setup to keep your devices secure.
  • Data Recovery: Assistance in retrieving lost files from all types of storage media, including hard drives and memory cards.
  • OS Installation & Troubleshooting: Expert installation and problem-solving for PC and Mac operating systems, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Data Backup & Transfer: Vital services for data safety including local cloud backup, data transfer, and migration services.
  • Networking & Wifi: Complete solutions for computer networking and Wifi, catering to both residential and commercial needs.

Transparent Costs, No Surprises

The nightmare scenario? Forking over more cash than you expected for repairs. PcComputersNSW counters that with clarity before they even reach for a screwdriver. Need an OS reinstallation? That’ll be a straight $100 to $200. Data recovery starts modestly at $60. With these folks, you’ll know what you’re in for – no hidden fees, no gotchas.

But What If…?

That tiny voice in your head gets chatty when you’re about to hand over your tech: “What if they can’t fix it?” “What if it costs more than they say?” “What if it’s not worth it?” Here’s where PcComputersNSW’s 30-day full refund policy comes into play, putting your mind at ease. If you’re not satisfied with the job done, they’ll slide that hard-earned cash right back across the counter.

Friendly Experts at Your Service

The tech world can be as confusing as a foreign film without subtitles. PcComputersNSW saves the day with tech-speak you can actually understand. They’ll guide you through what’s wrong with your computer and fill you in on what they need to do to fix it, all without that patronizing tone. It’s like having a tech-whiz cousin who doesn’t mind decoding geek-speak for you.

Service That Shines Beyond the Hardware

It’s not just about hardware and software. PcComputersNSW is invested in providing an experience that doesn’t just patch up your machine but leaves you feeling respected and taken care of. That starts from the moment you walk in, with a listening ear, and doesn’t end until you’re back tapping and clicking happily away.

A Commitment to Quality Repairs

This isn’t a backyard operation. PcComputersNSW is manned by certified professionals who live and breathe computer repairs. Whether it’s a fiddly SSD upgrade or a motherboard on the brink, trust your machine will be handled with the expertise that only comes from years of keyboard-deep experience in the tech trenches.


In the grand scale of your digital life, having a trustworthy and proficient repair service is like knowing there’s a good doctor in the family. For the residents and professionals in Sydney, PcComputersNSW stands out as that dependable relative, ready to revitalize sickly systems with skill, speed, and a smile. So the next time your computer decides to throw a tantrum, remember there’s a place where getting back to your online routine is just a visit away.