Surgical intervention is only required after several months or years after the onset of this disease. During all this time the patients can correct this refraction defect by using special glasses or contact lenses.

Cataract treatment important facts

The early stages of cataract can be treated by wearing special glasses or contact lenses. But the only effective treatment for this disease is surgical correction. The cataract requires surgery only when it affects the patient’s daily activity. The mature cataract, which “swells” or “disintegrates” in the eye, consists of an emergency operation. Modern surgical techniques of cataract treatment allow ambulatory surgery, which lasts 15 to 20 minutes under local anesthesia (two small injections in the eyelid or two small drops). The most modern cataract correction technique is phacoemulsification (aspiration of the sick lens using ultrasound) with fold lens implant.

The benefits are clearly in favor of surgical procedures: small incision, no bleeding, no need to suture, are cured in a week, and the fold lens has a very good biocompatibility. Matters a lot how much of an expert is the surgeon who performs the cataract correction procedure. The possible intraoperative and postoperative complications in the case of treatment by phacoemulsification are completely treatable as described on Health Care Guys blog.

Cataract natural treatment

Purification therapies of the body or posts are prescribed. Also very good is a cure of 3 weeks with vegetable juices and teas: Drink daily 1.5L of fresh carrot juice with parsley. Unsweetened tea of sage, 2 cups / day, between meals; horse tail tea (15 g), nettle vine (10 g), knot weed (8 g) and hay (6 g). Mix well these plants. Over the scalding plants you put two cups of boiling water, pouring the obtained tea over the first. Through boiling you obtain the saticilic acid which is necessary in cataract treatment.

You must drink this hot, unsweetened tea with small sips, half a cup every morning on empty stomach before lunch meal and in the evening before bedtime. After half an hour you drink the first sip of carrot juice with parsley, and other 10-15 rare sips. The remaining juice drink it during the day, alternating with sage teas and those of mixed herbs. During this cure do not eat any meat. After 16 hours, you can drink a cup of infusion of apple peels.

You must put compresses on the eye, for about 10-15 minutes, with an infusion of weeds. You grease the eyelids several times a day with Swedish bitter. Swedish bitter should not be put in the eyes, but should be given over the eyelids. It is also recommended steam baths eyes with an infusion of elder flowers, weeds and valerian as well as daily drops in the eyes (a cure for 14 days), with aloe vera juice.

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