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Teaching Assistant – Training

There are some specific qualifications required in order to kick-start your training as a Teaching Assistant which include:

– GCSEs or equivalent qualifications in Math, Science and English with grades A-C

– A degree or Diploma in a related field

– Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) – for Primary & Secondary School Teaching Assistants

Also, there are a few person requirements that a candidate must meet in order to be eligible for training.

Requirements for Teaching Assistants include the following:

– Empathetic and kind nature

– Ability to deal with children of all ages

– Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written

– Excellent organizational skills

– Acceptable time management skills

– A pleasant personality

– Good numeracy skills

– Acceptable IT skills

– Some prior experience of working with children would always count in your benefit

– A Clean CRB record (Criminal Record Bureau)

– Ability to act patiently in difficult situations

All in all, Teaching Assistant is a highly respectable and well paid profession and if you have got a knack for educating children then this might be the best career choice for you. There are Online Teaching Assistant Courses today so you can start right away.This job role might be ideal for you if you want to work in a class room environment but don’t wish to go through all the pain of earning a PhD and becoming a lecturer.

On day-to-day basis, you will be interacting with children of all ages, from all sorts of backgrounds and facilitating them in the process of learning. In addition to that, you will be providing general support to the tutors/lecturers to maintain their lesson plans and keep a record of things done in the class room.


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