Wear the Mask Right Way

The Face Mask Must fit Correctly – Loose fits where the mask meets the face allow airborne particles to flow under the mask. The mask should have metal that firms to the nose and it should extend under the chin and the best ones are the N95 masks.

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The Mask Must Be Worn Correctly When Worn – The mask should be either worn or not worn. It should not be allowed to be worn half way, hanging from the ear, etc.

The Mask Must be Removed Correctly – Perhaps you have encountered the virus while wearing your mask. It protected you! Then you forget that virus particles have landed on the OUTSIDE OF THE MASK. This can be fatal. Wear the mask once and remove by placing it into a plastic bag and then disposing of it. Use gloves to handle and discard the gloves.

Can Masks be Re-worn?

Officially, the answer is “no.” Still, in a mask shortage, re-wearing may be necessary. Results of studies will be coming out soon regarding disinfection, reuse, etc. Used masks get wet and soggy from exhalation as well. The virus lives for days (weeks?) on surfaces so mask handling is going to be quite an issue.

Drug Rehabilitation

Modern man’s life is a fast-paced one with him juggling family, work, social life and some me time. Taking drugs becomes a scapegoat of some sort as indulgence in this unhealthy habit helps relieve the tensions that come with a stressful lifestyle.

While drugs may seem like stress busters at first, pretty soon, people realize that there are mental, physical, even emotional consequences. If you have been taking drugs and are ready to admit that you are addicted to them, then there is one other thing that you need to admit – that you need help.

Drug rehabilitation comes in many forms. But drug addicts who are adamant in changing their lives should seek rehabilitation centers that will help with their treatment. There are several different options when it comes to detox in Connecticut. Outpatient drug rehabilitation centers do not require patients to stay in their facilities; instead, these people report to counseling sessions and are observed by medical and behavioral experts.

Inpatient drug rehabilitation centers, on the other hand, requires the patient to stay for months or more than a year. Greater recovery is observed on addicts who have chosen to be treated in inpatient drug rehab centers.

Prior to making a choice on your inpatient rehab center, ask if the center is authorized by the government to operate. Find a center that has skilled and people-oriented medical professionals.

Making the choice to battle drug addiction all begins with acceptance and the will to fight it. Know that there is a way to treat moderate to severe drug addiction. A change of environment is a must for such cases and from the patient’s exposure to other drug addicts inside the rehab center, he should be able to recover as the realization dawns on him – that life inside the center is not as grand as the life of a free man. If he steels himself to really change, then there is a strong chance that there will be no relapse.

Looking for a Counselor?

People seek counselors for various reasons. Life in NYC can be very hard and for those who are affected by their issues, proper counselling is needed. Counselling is a confidential as well as motivation process that helps people to be more comfortable in revealing their emotions and experiences. It helps individuals to gain back their strengths. Counselling also lets you recognize your goals and learn means to attain them. It develops approaches in handling as well as fixing problems. Furthermore, it helps individuals recuperate and get over from distressing emotions due to some tragic situations.

A medicine must be consumed continually. The same goes with counselling, you’ll need to consult your counselor frequently for you to get better. Counselling is a therapy treatment which enables people to identify solutions for their problems in a really protected, supportive, as well as confidential surrounding. It also helps you obtain far better knowledge with what is happening around while aiming to cope faster.

The best thing in a counselling environment is that clients are allowed to share all their feelings and beliefs. They could release and express any sentiments they may feel. Or perhaps they can even choose to withdraw totally if that’s what they think good for them. A lot of clients confirm that counselling tends to be a place where they do not have to pretend to become someone.

Counselling basically is a very wide line of work with many different treatment solutions. NYC Counselors are highly professional individuals with knowledge of different treatment options best for each client’s behavior. Some of these methods are Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psycho-education, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Existential Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. You can research online to find more information about counselling and the various methods involve with.

Whenever you feel that you can’t manage yourself alone, you could seek the advice of a counselor. Don’t ever presume that the counselor will talk about your case with other people. Counselors secure as well as respect their client’s personal privacy. Confidentiality is being considered seriously by licensed counselors.

The counselling treatment could significantly make individuals feel more in charge of their lives. While there are several methods of dealing with a trauma as well as anxiety, counselling is known as the most effective way in helping a person get well. You have the choice of either just take an anti-depressant medicine or see a therapist NYC. Or possibly you could even see a counselor in addition to using medications.

Probiotics For Healthy Gut

Probiotics is defined as actual live microorganisms introduced to the system in acceptable amounts. They are actually some friendly bacteria that will give your body most needed probiotics benefits. If you consume fermented dairy foods or products, you can expect to build lots of friendly colonies of microorganisms that are good for your intestinal track. Without a doubt; as some studies has suggested, good bacteria will help build healthy immune system. So, if you wonder how to reset your gut, probiotics could be your starting point.

Below are the known benefits of consuming the right amount of probiotics:

The most apparent benefit of good bacteria is in the promotion of a healthier digestive system. Constipation and diarrhea are big problems especially in the elderly. By eating these friendly and live bacteria, moving bowels will be more stabilized. You can do this without the need to drink laxatives or other synthetic drugs to help you move bowel regularly.

If you have concerns with intestinal parasites, or other system immune disorder, taking probiotics regularly would help remove any parasitic worms living in your intestine. When your digestive system is working properly, it will help you stay regular and move bowels naturally – which leads to healthy appetite and overall wellness.

Indigestion is not only bad for you, but it can also rub you valuable vitamins and nutrients – when we eat food and the food is not properly digested, we are not getting all the nutrients that we could from that food. Probiotics or friendly bacteria will not only help you with your digestive issues, but it can help you maximize the amount of vitamins, iron, calcium and minerals in every food you eat.

You probably don’t know about this, but probiotics can actually help enhance your immune system. There are some microorganisms that are able to help the body in producing the necessary antibodies needed to fight certain diseases. When you take natural probiotic supplements or food, it will help your beneficial bacteria prepare and combat certain ailments.

For healthy intestinal track that improves overall immune system, friendly bacteria is a must. Fermented dairy products like yogurt, or highly formulated natural probiotic supplements is highly recommended when your body’s natural friendly bacteria is depleted. Maintaining cholesterol level and improving blood pressure is just few benefits that can be gained also from healthy intestinal track.

Chlamydia Testing

Home testing kits for chlamydia provide a viable way to detect an infection. They are available online at affordable prices and can be delivered in discreet packages. The kits are easy to use and are designed to show accurate results within a short time. A number of people rely on STD test kits to protect themselves and their partners from infection while maintaining privacy.

Previously, individuals needed to visit the clinic or another healthcare facility to get tested for STDs, including the HIV virus. Now there are at At Home STD Test Kits. The kits are highly reliable and provide fast results. Users simply provide a urine sample to detect an infection.


There is no effective treatment for chlamydia and the medical intervention usually consists of a cocktail of antibiotics, which can be taken in one dose or more. The dosage rarely entails more than one. However, the doctor will tell you which options are best for you. In case of infection, you and your sexual partner must refrain from sexual activities until the treatment is completed otherwise the antibiotics will not have any effect.

Remember to take all the prescribed antibiotics and do not share the medication with anyone. It is important to get tested three months after the treatment is complete.

The Health Factor of Vegan Diets

Many health professionals confirm the views expressed by vegans and vegetarians, that their diets are generally healthier than the average person’s eating habits. Indeed, it goes without saying that with all the studies and conclusions conducted with regards to meat products, sticking with vegetables and non-animal products does seem like a good strategy.

So what actually are some of the confirmed health benefits of a vegan diet? Let’s take a look.

Firstly, because of the well known fact that too much red meat can cause heart disease and colon cancer, the elimination of this specific category of food in the vegan diet is immediately beneficial. There are quite good plant based meat products for this reason.

Whilst red meats do contain protein (important for bodily development and muscle growth), substitute products such as tofu do indeed replace this missing factor.

Additionally, vegan diets are known to lower the risk of stroke in older age individuals, as the chances of clogging arteries is far lessened with the quantity of fruit and vegetables that vegans consume.

Other benefits which are yet to have solid scientific backing include lower rates of prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, and overall healthier cell growth. It certainly seems that vegan dieting is a very healthy option for human beings.

Herpes Information

Painful blisters and sores are caused by the virus group more commonly known as herpes. Herpes simplex is the variant of this virus that is responsible for the growth of cold sores around the area of the mouth. It also causes genital herpes. Chicken pox and shingles are caused by the variant known as herpes zoster. Pretty crazy huh?

But what is really out there that is possible for herpes treatments?? WE don’t really no.

Having herpes means having a chronic condition which, for someone that has herpes, will have the condition for a long time even if many people do not have any symptoms despite the fact that they carry the virus. A lot of people that carry the HSV will have recurring genital herpes. Over time, outbreaks of genital herpes will initially have them more often although over time, these outbreaks will happen less often and with less severity. Herpes can be treated with some herpes treatment medication such as Herpesyl. You can find numerous Herpesyl reviews online to learn more.

What Is The Herpes Simplex Virus?

This virus is transmitted mostly through sexual contact between a person that carry the herpes simplex virus to someone who does not have it. It is very contagious and what’s worse is that many people don’t even know they already have it while in some people, the outbreaks make it very obvious that the herpes virus is present.

The herpes simplex virus has two known types:

Herpes Simplex Type 1, HSV 1: This virus is not as common as the other type of virus and is usually responsible for cold sores that can be found on the mouth and on the face. It can sometimes cause genital herpes when the genitals come into contact with an infected mouth.

Herpes Simplex Type 2, HSV 2: This is the very common version of herpes simplex. It causes genital herpes that can cause the outbreaks you find in the genitals and rectum and is easily spread when contact occurs with the infected part of the skin.

Remember that the herpes simplex virus is transmitted between partners usually when there is an outbreak or through pores of the skin when no outbreaks are visible. This ease of contamination and difficulty of detecting it’s presence is a major cause that one in 5 American adults have it.

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes or just plain herpes is the most common type of herpes next to sores and is spread through sexual contact between two people. Signs of genital herpes include blisters or ulcers or sores on and around the genital area in male and female carriers. There is no cure for genital herpes but there are treatments available to reduce the symptoms and prevent the frequent recurrence of outbreaks.

Don’t Take Your Eyesight for Granted

Considering that most provinces do not fund eye exams for adults between the ages of 19 and 64, many people fail to appreciate the value of their vision until it is threatened. However, eye exams are a vital part of preventative healthcare and are available at an affordable price. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, meaning that disease can be present without you even knowing it. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision and helping to prevent vision loss.

An eye specialist, also known as an optometrist, will examine, diagnose, treat, mange and help prevent diseases affecting the visual system. Optometrists are trained to the same standards as medical and dental professionals and can prescribe medications to treat certain eye conditions such as infections, allergies, inflammation and injuries. A thorough eye exam can also assist in diagnosing general health conditions including:

  • Diabetes;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Vascular diseases; and
  • Certain types of cancer.

Proactive eye care is essential for the following people:

  • those with diabetes and people at risk for diabetes;
  • those over 40 years of age;
  • people who spend a lot of time outdoors;
  • those who are unable to communicate; and
  • people who use computers and similar technology frequently.

Those with a higher risk of vision problems may need more frequent eye exams. In addition to regular eye checkups, you should also have an eye exam if you have any concerns about your vision or if you injure your eyes in any way.

eye exams

Consult an eye specialist immediately if you are experiencing any of the following difficulties:

  • trouble reading small print;
  • needing to hold newspapers and books further away in order to read them;
  • seeing at night or reading street signs while driving;
  • suffering from frequent headaches or tired, burning eyes after reading or working on a computer;
  • eyes are irritated, dry, red, or sensitive;
  • seeing spots, flashes of light, or floaters;
  • have recently been diagnosed with diabetes;
  • having trouble reading or learning in school; and
  • engaging in sports that may be hazardous to your eyes.

It is estimated that 75 per cent of the world’s blindness can be prevented by early detection through regular eye exams.

Cheap Eye Exams Available Across Canada

Over 118 eye clinic locations across Canada, including eye tests in Winnipeg, offer affordable eye exams. A comprehensive eye exam will:

  • test eye muscles;
  • check the presence of blind spots in your peripheral vision;
  • measure the pressure inside your eyes to test for glaucoma, one of the leading causes of blindness;
  • assess for some of the most common eye conditions like nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism; and
  • reveal other health problems.

Vision is one of your best assets and you should do everything possible to preserve it. Prevent eye problems before there are warning signs by scheduling regular eye exams to help maintain vision and overall health.

Cataract treatment

Surgical intervention is only required after several months or years after the onset of this disease. During all this time the patients can correct this refraction defect by using special glasses or contact lenses.

Cataract treatment important facts

The early stages of cataract can be treated by wearing special glasses or contact lenses. But the only effective treatment for this disease is surgical correction. The cataract requires surgery only when it affects the patient’s daily activity. The mature cataract, which “swells” or “disintegrates” in the eye, consists of an emergency operation. Modern surgical techniques of cataract treatment allow ambulatory surgery, which lasts 15 to 20 minutes under local anesthesia (two small injections in the eyelid or two small drops). The most modern cataract correction technique is phacoemulsification (aspiration of the sick lens using ultrasound) with fold lens implant.

The benefits are clearly in favor of surgical procedures: small incision, no bleeding, no need to suture, are cured in a week, and the fold lens has a very good biocompatibility. Matters a lot how much of an expert is the surgeon who performs the cataract correction procedure. The possible intraoperative and postoperative complications in the case of treatment by phacoemulsification are completely treatable as described on Health Care Guys blog.

Cataract natural treatment

Purification therapies of the body or posts are prescribed. Also very good is a cure of 3 weeks with vegetable juices and teas: Drink daily 1.5L of fresh carrot juice with parsley. Unsweetened tea of sage, 2 cups / day, between meals; horse tail tea (15 g), nettle vine (10 g), knot weed (8 g) and hay (6 g). Mix well these plants. Over the scalding plants you put two cups of boiling water, pouring the obtained tea over the first. Through boiling you obtain the saticilic acid which is necessary in cataract treatment.

You must drink this hot, unsweetened tea with small sips, half a cup every morning on empty stomach before lunch meal and in the evening before bedtime. After half an hour you drink the first sip of carrot juice with parsley, and other 10-15 rare sips. The remaining juice drink it during the day, alternating with sage teas and those of mixed herbs. During this cure do not eat any meat. After 16 hours, you can drink a cup of infusion of apple peels.

You must put compresses on the eye, for about 10-15 minutes, with an infusion of weeds. You grease the eyelids several times a day with Swedish bitter. Swedish bitter should not be put in the eyes, but should be given over the eyelids. It is also recommended steam baths eyes with an infusion of elder flowers, weeds and valerian as well as daily drops in the eyes (a cure for 14 days), with aloe vera juice.