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Armed Security Guard Training

Security Guard Training hjnju

In many jurisdictions, particularly jurisdictions where the carrying of firearms is extremely regulated, additional licensing may be required in order to become an armed security guard. Courses centering on weapons handling, weapons safety and use of force training will generally be required before one can apply to security guard positions that require the potential use of a firearm. Many security guard positions don’t require firearms, but for some, such as security guards protecting armored trucks or banks, it is a necessity.

Security Guard Training hjnju

Armed security jobs that require firearms often pay more, but the pay difference may not always be significant. Be sure to do your research and ask yourself whether the additional responsibility and potential danger of armed security work is worth the extra pay. In some cases, armed security guard training will be worth it, in other cases, it may not be. However, if you plan to pursue a long term career as a security professional, you will definitely need to seek armed security guard training at some point in order to advance your career.

Security Guard Salary

So what can your security guard training earn you in terms of salary? Salaries in the security industry vary greatly and will depend significantly on your jurisdiction as well as the presence or lack thereof of a union. Entry level security guards at malls, apartment buildings, or other private businesses will likely earn close to minimum wage. Bouncers, low level body guards, and armed truck drivers may earn anywhere from $15-25 an hour.

The higher salaries in the security guard industry are for those providing high-end consultancy services. Generally, these also require a higher level of skill, and may also require an ex-military or ex-law enforcement officer background. Whether it involves putting highly specialized ex-military bodyguards to protect personnel in war zones or gaining high-volume security training contracts for governments and large corporations, those with experience and an entrepreneurial mindset can make a very good career or business in the security or security training industries.

Security Guard Training NYC

Security guard training courses and curriculums will differ from state to state, but NYC is a good illustration of the type of training and study that takes to get a security license in New York State and become a licensed security guard. The requirements to be an entry-level unarmed security guard in New York City are fairly low. In addition to passing basic eligibility requirements which include being at least 18 years of age, being a citizen or resident of the United States, passing an FBI criminal background check, and entering your fingerprint into a database, you will also need to take an 8 hour security guard training course prior to receiving security guard assignment.

After completion of your security guard training courses, you will receive a Security Guard Registration Card from the Department of State which will qualify you to perform basic security guard duties. Your security guard training course must be completed at an approved security guard school in New York. Within your first 90 days on the job, all new security guards must complete an additional 16 hours of on the job security guard training requirements.

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Common Tree Service Options

Let’s take a look at some services Fairfax tree services companies usually offer:

Tree Removal – Tree removal is just one of many services provided by tree service companies. Often the true value of this service is their knowledge and experience in the tree removal area. Making a tree fall is a common skill. Knowing how to remove a tree leaning into your home with safety and precision can be an art.

Tree Pruning – Pruning a tree regularly will keep a tree beautiful and healthy and gives you the ability to decide in which ways you want your tree to grow, such as away from power lines, homes, or roadways.

Emergency Services – Most tree services are skilled at responding to emergency situations. A sudden storm resulting in a tree smashed car or home requires prompt and specialized tree cutting Fairfax VA services.

Tree Stump Removal – Stump grinding is a task requiring specialized equipment. Often a homeowner may be able to safely take down a tree (themselves or by way of a storm) but the cleanup and stump grinding may remain an area of need.

Equipment Rental – Tree service companies often rent out equipment necessary for certain tree services. This will enable an empowered homeowner to take on the job themselves without investing significantly in the required equipment. Depending upon your level of experience, you may still want to shop service providers and collect their recommendations as to what you may be able to accomplish on your own. A reputable service will help define what you may be able to accomplish vs. the unseen risks that may be better suited for the pros.

Tree Fertilizing – Promoting or improving the health of your tree is important for its long term health. A qualified tree service professional can provide guidance in this area.

Planting Trees – Not all tree work is about taking down trees. Transplants or new installations are also a valued service. If you are looking to add trees larger than the saplings common along the large DIY warehouses, you may consider contacting your local tree service pro to explore your full range of alternatives.

Depending on the tree service company you locate, the amount and type of services offered will greatly vary. Some offer multiple services that may include general landscaping and lawn services to snow or leaf removal.

Your best bet is always to collect bids from at least 2-3 service providers who have walked your lot and are familiar with the details of your particular job. Knowing that they understand the job and have a clear approach for handling it is the primary objective of this step.

Once you have multiple bids from providers who appeared competent to accomplish the job, you may find that their pricing is fairly consistent. If that’s not the case, you may want to further question the outliers rather than jump at the lowest offer.

In the end, you’re probably best off going with the provider who demonstrated the most confidence and competence during the bid process.

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Towing Truck Fundamentals

Although there are now at least 5 different types of tow vehicles, the modern towing truck has come a long way since 1916, when a garage worker named Ernest Holmes was confronted with the problem of pulling a car out of a local creek. A creative thinker, Holmes and six other men used blocks and ropes to remove the car, and this led Holmes to design and create the trucks that still bear his name.

Boom Trucks

Although they are often used as towing trucks, boom trucks are not specifically designed for towing, and many of these trucks are also used as utility company bucket trucks and heavy-duty construction company vehicles. Those that are used for towing have an added adjustable boom winch that is used for recovering vehicles from culverts and ditches. These are also used in vehicle recovery in any area in which it would be unsafe for vehicle back up to, such as ledges or cliff facings where a vehicle may have crashed through highway guard-railings and gone over the side.

Hook and Chain

These were the most commonly-used towing trucks in the industry for many years, and are still in use, as they are safe for towing older vehicles. Unlike other tow vehicles that have hydraulic equipment to lift up the wheels of passenger cars and trucks, a hook and chain tow truck has a hook in the shape of the letter “J” (these are also referred to as “J-Hook tow trucks”) that is attached to an axle of the vehicle. Once the hook is attached, the tow operator cinches up the hook’s chain with a winch, and the front of the vehicle is lifted up onto its two front or back wheels onto a couple of rubber slings, when it can be safely towed.


This type of towing truck evolved out of the necessity to safely tow newer models of vehicles, whose non-metal bumpers, driving systems, and other components were sometimes damaged by hook and chain tows. These towing vehicles lift cars and trucks by either two wheels, or by all four, and the process is facilitated by a large, hollow, metal cradle that fits around the wheels. This cradle system is attached to metal “arms” that slide up under the vehicle and around the tires. These arms also have chains and bars for securing the vehicles. The operator then activates the lift that lifts up the vehicle and allows it to be towed.


This type of towing vehicle has the entire back of the towing truck outfitted with a flat bed which can be hydraulically inclined and/or moved to ground level. A passenger car or truck can then be driven onto the bed, or, for disabled or wrecked vehicles, power-winched up onto the flatbed. This process is done by a vehicle’s tow loops hooked to the flatbed’s winch chain. For vehicles without tow loops, the operator hooks the chain onto the frame or another sturdy part of the vehicle. Once winched or driven onto the bed, the flatbed is returned to level, and the vehicle is secured with additional chains before towing.


These vehicles are often used by companies or individuals who specialize in repossessions, and are frequently referred to as “Snatchers” or “Repo Trucks.” They are light-duty trucks with the boom and wheel-lift combined into one unit, and these are also used to tow illegally-parked vehicles to impound yards. These trucks are equipped with vehicle controls inside the cab, so that a driver can quickly pick up a vehicle without getting out of the truck; facilitating rapid and safer repossessions and faster tow-aways. Additionally, there are flatbed/wheel-lift units, and a variety of other integrated recovery and/or towing vehicles.

What ever you service you need, from wrecker service to towing there are a lot of towing services to choose from, from cheap ones to very expensive ones, so do your research, don’t go with the first company you find. Towing trucks are most often operated by private companies, and are used for everything from emergency road service for passenger vehicles, to police and government impounds and repossessions.

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Need Help Unclogging A Toilet

Having difficulties unclogging a toilet? Not all backed up toilets will require a call to your plumber. Almost all clogged toilets can be fixed by you, with little to no cost. Here are a few tips to help you unclogging a toilet.

Tips To Unclogging A Toilet

Unclogging a Toilet Mechanically: Usually you will be successful unclogging a toilet simply with a plunger. Try utilizing a force-ball plunger first. If that does not remove the blockage, you will want to try a snake or toilet auger. These are a bit of a pain to use, but at least can be rented hourly at your local tool rental or hardware store.

Unclogging a Toilet With Chemicals: For more stubborn blockages, you may need to resort to using chemicals. I would advise using common household chemicals first before choosing the more expensive, and possibly damaging, commercial drain cleaning products designed for unclogging a toilet.

First, empty the toilet bowl of water with a cup. Just leave enough in the bottom of the toilet bowl to cover a force-ball plunger. Squirt about 1/4 cup of dish detergent into the bowl and allow it to sit there. Pour 1 gallon of boiling water carefully into the bowl. Wait 10-20 minutes. The dish soap you added earlier will help lubricate the now hopefully disolving blockage. Plunge approximately 10 times to ensure the drain is completely cleared, and then flush.

Commercial Products: Always read the instructions of any commercially prepared drain cleaner. Rubber gloves and a mask are also advised. Add the recommended amount of cleaner into your toilet bowl and wait the allotted amount of time. Continue plunging until the drain blockage either dissolves or breaks free. Be sure to also keep following the directions provided and even when dealing with a stubborn blockage, never use more than their recommended amount.

If your problems persist, it’s now time to call an toilet unclogging expert in your area.

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What Type of Printer Should I Get

One way of determining the best printer to buy is by understanding the different types of printers available to you. There are actually two main types of printers; impact printers and non-impact printers.

The dot-matrix printer stands as a classic example of an impact printer. This machine works similarly to a typewriter. It prints characters using striking pins and an ink ribbon. Each pin imprints a collection of dots, which form the characters and illustrations on the paper. As the name implies, impact printers like dot matrix uses mechanical pressure to create copies of a document. Impact printers are usually inexpensive but operation is slow, loud and graphics are presented in low quality.

Non-impact printers present the more advanced and modern versions of printing machines. As the name implies, these machines do not use mechanical pressure but electromagnetism to spray ink or toner on the paper. These printers are usually more expensive than impact printers but they give you the advantage of quiet operation, higher printing capacities and better quality prints.

Inkjet printers are non-impact printers that are most commonly found in a home or in some smaller office computer setups. To make copies of documents or pictures, it propels variable sizes of droplets of ink on the paper. Unlike other machines, ink jet printers can print on a variety of printing media, which means low cost, high quality and convenient printing.

Page printers are another type of non-impact printer that works like a copy machine. It uses toner and heat bars to produce copies of documents. Laser printers are one example of this kind of printer. Page printers or laser printers print faster than non-impact printers, giving you multiple prints per minute. Due to the advancements in laser technology, improvements have been made on laser printers such as the inclusion of LED technology to deliver small particles of toner from a cartridge onto paper, improving efficiency and economy on running costs.

Plotters are basically printers that run a moving pen across the surface of a piece of paper. These devices are particularly used for vector-based artwork and producing color prints at high resolutions. Plotter printers are used to produce images on larger printing media such as building blueprints or tarpaulin signage.

Thermal printer is the type of printing machine that uses heated pins that are pushed against heat-sensitive paper. These are the type of printers that are used in calculators and fax machines. While this type of machine prints faster than dot matrix printers, they are also more economical as they do not use ink.

If you are undecided as to what type of printer to buy, perhaps these simple suggestions can help. First, consider the volume of output that your printer will handle. For high volume operations, you should choose a printer which is fully-equipped to do heavy-duty operations. This should determine whether or not printing speed is an important feature to look for. Next, consider the quality of output that you require. You can always rent the printer first from one of the printer rental in Dubai shops to try your desired printer first before buying it.

If you are more into quality prints, then find s printer that can produce high-resolution and high-quality photo prints. Lastly, consider the running costs. The expenses of the ink or toner of a printer with reference to the number of prints it produces should determine the type of use that a particular device is suitable for. Either for your business tasks or personal use, there will be a type of printing machine that will suit your unique printing needs.


Meat delivery online

There are a few things a buyer should consider when getting meat delivered. Some of the points to consider include the cut to choose, whether you want it bone in or bone out, costs, how you will prepare and store the meat, as well as ensuring it is the freshest meat available. You can save when ordering meat from best meat delivery services. They stock an excellent selection of meats and provide home delivery right to your door.

Bone in or fillet cut

When ordering your meat it’s your own choice of whether to buy with bone in or bone taken out (filleted). There are a few things to take in mind when considering this aspect of meat. Buying the meat delivered with the bone in will heat the meat up faster when cooking as the bone acts as a heat conductor. It is well known in the meat industry that meat with the bone in have stronger flavors and aromas then filleted meat. It does take time to trim meat of the bone, so meat with bone in is likely to be better priced. Ordering meat online is great for people who like to eat with ease and convenience.

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Types of Air Conditioning Equipment

Air conditioning equipment is generally of three types. Whatever your type may be would be easy to establish and once you have established what type of equipment you have at the home or office you can search a company that specializes in that equipment.

Usually if you are in a large building you are likely to have a centralized ducted air system. This type of system works by circulating cooled air around the building. You may also have a centralized fluid based system. In such a system-cooled fluid usually water is circulated around the building to lower the temperature.

You may also have a wall mounted or window type or portable decentralized air conditioner if you are in a smaller office. You will easily be able to distinguish if you have central or decentralized air conditioning by just looking at your equipment or vents. Whatever system you may have on your premises it is important that you get the right air conditioning repair company to service it.

You must also remember that all systems need maintenance irrespective of the size or strength of the air conditioning equipment. Air conditioners are machines that are built to last for long times and they can take a lot of things without complaining but they do have their limits and its best if those limits are not tested because a pinch of maintenance in time is worth pounds of repair at a later time.

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Business and House Removals

If you are a business whether large or small you need to be sure that you take on board a fully competent removal company to ensure safe delivery of all your computers, stationery and furniture. Computers and IT equipment are very fragile and must be transported with the utmost care. This is where professional Oxford removal companies should be at the best, most will come fully prepared after an initial visit to assess what requirements they will need.

Most UK removal companies will provide their own packaging techniques to ensure safe and secure transit but with computers and IT equipment they tend to use static free packaging to ensure safety.

Some Oxford removal companies also provide additional services such as storage facilities. This can be a very effective measure when moving large amounts of equipment or in the event that you need to safely store your property until you have finalized your new home. Removal companies within the Oxford, Oxfordshire tend to offer you a full range of services to ensure that your move is problem free and is as efficient as possible.


Full Color Commercial Printing

Printing has come of age with the release of new equipment and innovations in technology across the globe. Yet it remains a skill-intensive field where the right mixes of printing equipment and talent is required to get the best possible results. Full-color commercial printing is a specialized field of printing where you require sophisticated and advanced equipment matching international standards.

Businesses opt for full-color commercial printing to give their sales literature a glossy and professional look. The technology is used for printing promotional material like catalogs, brochures, newsletters, etc. The printing professionals use the latest software to meet the competition and give their customers the desired products. Focus on the process time is a major issue, since the companies going for these types of materials want them to be delivered in time for the promotional campaign or other specific objective.

As in any other field, acquiring the latest state-of-the-art equipment does not guarantee your success. Only trained people who know their job well can produce a high-quality print on the equipment. Besides having the know-how to use the technology, a creative angle is equally important to keep up with new trends in the market.

Before finalizing your service provider, request some sample prints that will give you an idea of the final quality you will get. The wrong positioning of the borders, dull ink and blurred letters are some points you should look out for.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the work. Discuss whether the printer can provide you the exact color or design you desire. Ask him to give quotations of the price, and compare them with other full-color commercial printers in your area. In fact, today any serious Duratrans printing company, such as Industri Designs NYC, should have a website and dropping in at the printer’s website is also a good idea. You can get the full idea of the quality of the work produced, the equipment and the staff by visiting their place. With a little research you can get the best quality, reasonably priced service for your printing needs.