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Everything can be found online

The quick access to information and other fast resources gave much better access to all the individuals and businesses. Well, the online approach has its pros and cons as well. The threat comes to manual workers and those who have little computer know-how. What is it that they would do after online systems and information? Your father or grandpa belongs to a plus sixty age group and wants to know the latest about his retirement policy, which comes online. (Should he be computer proficient and take the benefits of online information or wait a little, until it is posted to him via some carrier?) The online information system works much faster than the manual ones. For example a research paper completion result is announced. Believe me, the online result would be displayed on the day of declaration, but you will be informed by post after a week. Shouldn’t you be saving your time and be more efficient. Think of universities and schools whose admission and results systems have gone online. What is the benefit?

The benefit is time saving and knowing things on time.

So it’s better to move with the world and learn new things as well. Reading an online HTML link and learning the basics of web language charges less than buying a thick book on web programming. See how much time it takes to get an online CV or employee resume and make changes to it. It takes less than second. Think of making changes to hard copied CV or the scanned CV. You will spend more effort and time while making changes to it. Reading a newspaper online is even possible using sites like and you can save on the bills at least. Read the same newspaper online, if you have free internet access in your office. Also the online systems have made the task of Human resource departments simpler than before. Instead of collecting CVs from CV boxes, they discard the CVs in the initial screening now.