Christian Tees Keep You In Style

If you met a salesman who was loud, obnoxious, and made you angry with him would you consider him a ‘good’ salesman? We are called by Christ to witness for Him and sharing the Word and witnessing all involve salesmanship. Your salesmanship is compromised if you give off signals that draw people away. You have to speak the language of the people you are trying to reach. You have to draw their attention and appeal to their interest. To close the sale, you have to call them to action. However, you won’t get there if you turn them off at the first instance. Clear? This is where Christian tees come in. Since they are stylish and speak the graphical language of modern T-shirt designs, you are able to attract attention. You are able to connect to the eyes of the onlooker. This is the key first step in your own personal efforts at spreading the Word.

Draw Interest with Christian tees

The second stage in the sales process is to connect with the interests of the prospect. Everyone is looking for meaning. Everyone wants to know why they even exist. Everyone wants a purpose. Of course, people try to answer this gnawing feeling and empty sensation with worldly things-money, sex, fame, power, addictions, you name it. But as the ‘all you can eat’ buffet of worldly delights run out in our quest for meaning, we are left with nothing-just a hole in the middle of our souls. A truly honest person knows this. This is the interest Christian tees draw out as written in https://telegra.ph/Get-Christian-T-shirts-09-15 article.

Create Desire and Call to Action

In a split second, the seeker’s attention and interest are engaged. Once a person’s interest is engaged, the person will instinctively ask ‘What’s next?’ In other words, the person has desire for the answer you are hinting at. This is where Christian tees fill the desire with the Word or a graphic of Christ. Christ is the answer! If the prospect is still interested at this point, the next step is a call to action-this is where the sale is closed. Some churches’ Christian tees have mobile phone numbers or website URLs were people can visit for more information. Every glance, every look from oncoming strangers is an opportunity. Wear Christian tees and never hide your light under a bushel. You are, after all, carrying His Gospel in your heart. Christian tees allow you to be a more effective salesman for Christ.

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