Obviously, each one claims to be the best in the business. You as a first timer forex trader with your immaturity and inexperience in the business are at the receiving end of all the temptation and the confusion of all the offers available at your disposal. In order to make the best choice what you need to do is carry out a detailed forex broker analysis and comparison so as to make sure that you square on the best one that meets all your needs and requirements. Now the question arises, how are you going to make such a comparison?

First, make an elaborate analysis of all the possible services they are offering. On a primary basis you need to compare the price, broker convenience and the brokerage experience.

Price Comparison

Different forex brokers have a different charge or fee for the services they offer. If you choose a broker that charges low fees but offers poor transaction quality then it is of absolutely no use. You would rather pay a little more and get the best possible services for your trading transactions.

Broker convenience

Convenience is yet another important factor in forex broker comparison. Some brokers will insist that you conduct all the forex transactions in their office space; others may just allow you to validate transactions on a personal basis within a day while others give some more time for the purpose of validation. When you are comparing, make note of the times the broker is actually available for business purpose and how accessible he is. The best forex broker for you is one who is always there whatever the time or place and chooses to close only for a few hours on weekend.

Comparison on experience

Always choose a broker who has a good track record and is senior in the business. That is way better for you than picking someone who is new on the job. However, even in case of the experienced brokers, there may be obsolete approaches and their past failures may reflect in their trading methods. Here all you can do is trust your instinct.

Once you have the criteria for comparison clearly in front of you, you are more organized and certain about what you want and then accordingly you can checklist the options and make a sound judgment.

  • Is The Broker Registered?
  • How Reliable Is his Trading Platform?
  • Capitalization
  • Is the broker and individual person or a company?
  • Customer and technical support
  • Fee and Commission Structures
  • Type of account.
  • Services provided by him
  • Leverage And Margin Call Policies
  • Investment level

Answer all these questions and check which one meets them well. In case two or more have equal score, check the priority factor. And there you have your right broker in front of you. Some brokers even offer a demo account where you can practice trading without any investments.

At times, customer support can be overlooked as a factor when choosing a fx brokerage even though its crucial. A number of circumstances could occur where you would want to talk to someone as fast as possible. Customer support can provide you help and advice in a matter of minutes.

If you are based in Asia then your decision should not be hard. Juno Market is well known established leading Forex broker company in Asia and they are the best. You can read detailed Juno Market review online to learn who they are and how do they operate and if they are the right forex trading company for your trading needs. They have been awarded for being the best Forex broker for 2018 in China.

A forex broker may serve as an artificial intelligence much need for success in this unpredictable and competitive trading business. A detailed comparison and analysis of all the alternatives available to you in perspective with your unique set of needs and demands will help you choose a broker that not only suites you well but is trustworthy to carry all transactions with the security and confidentiality.

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