Diamond Engagement Ring Variety

Diamond engagement ring is dedicated to express love and the importance of commitment. Having appeared in the Middle Ages, this type of diamond rings is still one of the most popular ones, along with diamond wedding rings.

Diamond 求婚戒指 comes in various styles, from luxurious antique diamond rings to chic black diamond rings which can cost a real fortune. All kinds of cuts, such as princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut and marquise, are available. In addition, one can find different diamond’s color according to his/her own taste. As for the setting, modern jewelers offer many options. Thus, you can select stylish platinum diamond engagement ring, standard gold band, durable titanium or cheaper silver ring. Besides, there are a wide range of two-toned rings featuring two precious metals in the setting.

Traditionally the groom offered a diamond engagement ring to his bride and not vice versa. However, nowadays both of them can sport trendy engagement rings which match each other. Thus, man diamond ring industry has become a very profitable business, and many today’s designers create masterpieces of the art of jewelry dedicated to men.

Apart from these diamond engagement ring styles there exists one which is the best-known all over the world – celebrities diamond rings. People have been always interested in the private life of those whom we call icons of style. That is why any popular magazine can’t be imagined without colored pictures and detailed descriptions of what rings were offered to celebrities, by whom and why. Thus, it is known that the smallest diamond engagement ring in the world was offered to Princess Mary who was only two years old at the time. One of the most elegant engagement rings – 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring – was given to princess Diana. Actually, the tradition itself was established by Maximillan I of Austria who presented the first diamond engagement ring in history to his future wife Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

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