Freight Forwarding Options

The available options include air freight, overland freight, ocean transport, etc. However, before initiating the process, the international shipping rates must be considered. This is calculated on the basis of various factors.

Distance to be covered

Distance is a key factor in determining the overseas shipping cost. If the goods have to travel a long distance, the cost will be high. On the other hand, shipping cost will reduce if the distance covered is shorter. This is because the international haulage companies have to incur high cost for consignments traveling a long way.

Weight of consignment

While calculating international shipping, the weight of the goods is also taken into account. People have to pay more for a heavy weight consignment in contrast to the one that is light weight. The reason behind charging such amount is the goods that are heavy will increase the company’s cost of handling and transportation which is passed on to their customers.

Value of goods

Value of goods also determines the cost of shipping it internationally. Special measures have to be taken to transport high value goods. For instance, fragile goods have to be carried in special packages to ensure safety delivery. As a result, shipping companies will charge more for such consignments.

Volume of goods

Another factor to be considered is the volume of goods to be carried across borders. This is generally calculated in cubic meters or cubic feet, as per the size of the load. Bulky goods will attract high shipping because they occupy more space. On the other hand, if the goods are less bulky, the cost of shipping will come down.

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