Hair Highlights for a Fresh Look

If you want to brighten your hair while giving it a natural look, hair highlights are the way to go. Highlights get people’s attention, no matter what your style of cut or basic color.

Highlights are not the same as a full head color dye. Highlights refer only to coloring strands of hair. Usually highlights are lighter in color than the rest of the hair. They can be darker, though, to give depth to the look.

The main three techniques used by the hairdresser to apply highlights are foils, painting and chinking.

With the foil technique, the hairdresser separates a row of strands and lays them on a square of foil. The strands are painted with the highlighting color, and foil folded over them. Foils can be used on a quarter head of hair, a half head or a full head.

In the second method the colorist separates fine strands of hair and paints them using a brush. This is sometimes done by covering the hair with a plastic cap that has tiny holes in it. The hairdresser uses a tiny hook to pull the strands through. Once all the desired strands have been pulled through they are painted with a flat brush.

Lastly, with chunking the hair is painted in chunks of different sizes.

Hair highlights are enjoying popularity today by celebrities and regular women alike. They can be done at home or in a salon by a professional. But don’t go to a salon without researching. You can use the internet and type something like “professional hair salons near me” and start your search from there. Most professional salons will have a website with client’s reviews and pictures of their work. Professionals tend to achieve a better, more natural and vibrant result, as they are trained to know how to place them around the head. They also have the skill and techniques to get the look you want.

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