How to earn credits in the World of Tanks

All novice players in well-known game World of Tanks want to acquire a more powerful tank. And the game is packed with all those famous tanks from WWII like Scorpion, Maus, Tiger, 121, OBJ 277, VK K, T20 WoT – which has a great review on website, and much more. And really, how to do it? To begin with, we define what is needed for this: first, the gaming experience; second, play money. How to quickly accumulate both? The most important thing to know: the profitability of tanks and how to get gold in the fastest and easiest way.

This can be achieved in several ways. Let’s sort the simplest, but rather expensive way – to get a premium tank . The truth for this tank will have to give real money by transferring funds from your e-wallet to your account in the game. The amount, however, can go far beyond three hundred real rubles. Although the advantages of a premium tank are obvious, there is a lot more free experience for each battle, and they don’t offend with play money on such tanks. The disadvantages of this method will be its high cost, and the premium class tanks in battle look far from brilliant. Reservations for them are weak, and the gun does not cause significant damage to the enemy’s equipment. Money in World of Tanks – loans and gold, gold – real money.

Another way is less expensive, but the same is associated with real money – buying a premium account . Such an account gives several advantages, this is a garage – it becomes clean, beautiful and tidy; all tanks, for the duration of the premium, are equated to premium tanks, that is, they are charged more experience and more play money (credits). But then again, the method is not cheap.
And the last way, free, but the longest. Use of technology that will bring more credits and more experience. Why give more experience and credit? Credits and experience in battles are charged for detecting enemy tanks, for causing damage and for destroying. In the World of Tanks profitable tanks bring an order of magnitude more than all other tanks (discussed below).

For reconnaissance, it is better to use a fast, small and protected tank; German leopard and beam tanks meet these requirements. To earn credits by destroying enemy tanks and damaging them, you can use a whole range of equipment.

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