How to know if you need a foundation repair

There is one universal term that makes all Dallas homeowners cringe when they hear it, and that term is “foundation problems.” This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, and it’s mostly because this issue can range from a very minor repair to extensive issues, making the homeowner wonder if the home is even worth the money it would cost to fix it. Issues that extreme are pretty rare to find. If you start noticing some of the following issues, you should call a professional foundation repair in Dallas Texas to get free estimates before the issues get worse.


One of the first places you might notice foundation issues is with your floors. If you feel seasick when you enter a room, that is not a good sign. If you set a marble down on the ground and it rolls without aid all the way across the floor, this is another bad sign. You might also notice bowing of your floorboards. These are all indicators that your foundation is sinking and should be repaired quickly.


Another sign that you might need to get your foundation fixed is if your walls start cracking. Some of these cracks might look fairly innocent at first, but they will grow longer and longer as time goes on and these indicators should not be ignored for long. Your ceiling might also develop cracks, and this can be particularly dangerous, especially if the cracks are separating.


Another place to look is your doors. If you notice your doors sticking or not shutting properly, it could be a change in the weather and humidity, but if the seasons change and the problem doesn’t right itself, then you could be looking at a foundation issue. If your doors were level with the floor and door jamb originally and now they are at a slant, then you should call someone to get foundation repair free estimates before the problem gets worse.

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