How To Travel To The Amazon River

The Amazon rain forest is considered to be the largest in the entire world and will host the second longest river on the globe as well as more than a third of the world`s species. The Amazon River is also one of the main destinations for travelers, and cruises along this river, eco-lodges and wildlife viewing are among the most important attractions. For those certain tourists who are considering to visit this natural wonder, there are many point to enter, each of them with distinct opportunities to explore the ecology and culture of the Amazon River.

Take a flight to Brazil

This country will cover almost half of South America and more than half of its dynamic territory will be occupied by the Amazon rain forest. Take a flight to Sao Paulo or Rio, and choose Manaus as your point of entry, which is the largest city in this rain forest. The city is being located along the Amazon River and will provide an interesting museum which is dedicated to the ecology of the Amazon River, as well as a forested zoo which will showcase much of the wildlife of the jungle. Most Brazilian Amazon cruise tour companies will have offices in this major city and guest river ships will depart in the deep jungle on a daily basis. The town of Tefe, which is located upriver, is considered the jumping off location for the Mamiraua reserve, where the pristine rain forest will be able to be visited.

Take a flight to Peru

The Amazon River will start in the Peruvian Andes and the rainforest which will lie below is considered to be one of the biologically densest locations of Amazon basin. International travelers will generally take a flight to Lima and then to Iquitos. This city is located along the river, deep within the rainforest, and is the largest city in the entire world which is inaccessible by roads. Many Peruvian cruise tour companies are being located in Iquitos and the nearby jungle is lined with may eco-lodges. Tefe, which is located upriver, is considered the jumping off location for the Mamiraua reserve, where travelers can visit the pristine rain forest. There are numerous agencies one can choose from, such as PeruAmazon tours.

Take a flight to Colombia

This country will remain an interesting piece of Amazon rainforest which has the size of California, most of it being still unexplored and pristine. International tourists will take a flight to Bogota and then to Leticia, which is located on the border between Brazil and Peru. There are cruise tour companies, nature preserve or eco-lodges all around this area, here also including Amacayacu National Park. From Leticia, river ships will ply the Amazon River to Iquitos as well as to Manaus or the coastline of Brazil.

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