HVAC Refrigerants

The distinctive chemicals used for cooling applications in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are called HVAC refrigerants. These refrigerants support air conditioners by removing heat from the air leaving an area with a cooled air temperature.

HVAC refrigerants are in liquid form but they turn to vapor when absorbing heat. However, they have the ability to return to liquid from gaseous state in just a short time. Refrigerants are specially designed to be able to work in areas with both high and low pressures.

Types of Refrigerants

Each refrigerant type has different characteristics. Air, which was used many years ago, is not enough to remove the heat. Ammonia is common to industries before but the safety of this substance is a serious issue as it produces poisonous by-products, thus its use became obsolete over time. Carbon dioxide on the other hand is safe for it is non-combustible and non-toxic.

But, use of this HVAC refrigerant type may not be practical as it needs high temperature for operation. Other types of refrigerants include sulfur dioxide, methyl chloride, azeotropes and hydrocarbon. The Freon group of refrigerants is the most popular and practical refrigerant to use these days.

Refrigerant Safety

Since refrigerants are considered harmful substances, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed standard rules and regulations when handling them. Refrigerant storage must be in approved HAZMAT containers. Refrigerant disposal should be in a proper place and not just thrown in any trash.

When selecting which air conditioning systems to purchase, consider products that are labelled with “Energy Star” by the EPA to ensure that you are investing in energy-effective systems. Consult with reliable HVAC Service Hendersonville TN contractors as they can recommend which HVAC system type is best for you and your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

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