International Moving Tips

If you are making an international move, the most important part is finding the right international moving service. Once again, interview every international mover that you find to compare prices. Always ask for all the necessary license numbers and insurance information. Once you find the Auslandsumzug company that you feel best suits your interests, make sure that you let them handle most of the work. As opposed to self storage or “regular” moving, this process is lengthier and detailed and packing the items up by yourself may result in disappointment down the road.

When dealing with appliances, keep in mind that they may not all work in the place you are moving to. Selling your appliances or getting rid of them in some other way may be necessary. This is especially true for electrical appliances. Do the research and make sure that you have the right kind of adapter. Finally, for liability purposes, make sure that the insurance you have covers your items (this may be tricky because this is an international move) as the likelihood of items getting damaged are higher in this situation. Make sure to agree on the appropriate time table for the move, because if complications arise your move may end up taking much longer than you anticipated.

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