Landscaping and Planning

Many homeowners will opt for a simple approach to landscaping in Omaha. They will plant a tree or two and maybe have a pot on the porch with some flowers. They will spend most of their time caring for their lawn. For those that want a yard that has appeal, these are a few ideas to use when beginning to plan a landscape.

Outdoor Rooms

The first in landscape planning is to list all the things the yard will be used for. Each area can be thought of as a different outdoor room with a unique purpose. Entertaining areas should be closer to the house. A deck or patio with a table and cooking area can be added at the back door. There can be a second patio connected that is a sitting area for relaxing. Or, with new technologies in televisions, this can be a watch area. Farther out in the yard can have an area with a hammock or lounge chair for reading and relaxing. And, most yards will have an area for the swing set or play area.

Flat Yard

A flat yard can oftentimes be more difficult to landscape because there is so much usable space. It is easier to maintain water levels for the plants and flowers on a flat yard. Multiple patios or decks can be built to establish formal areas with different purposes. Each area can be connected with an established path or walkway. Different planting areas can be spread out in various spots to bring color to the yard. One key is to put a planting area in the corners to soften them and bring some perspective to them. One important consideration when planning a yard is where the daytime sun is and how it covers the yard. It is best to consult with one of the professional Omaha landscape and sprinkler companies before starting.

Hilly Yard

A hilly yard can be easier because homeowners think there is not much that can be done with it. It is hard for water to saturate the ground to support much besides grass. But, the hills can be terraced to create planting areas. Shorter retaining walls can be used to build sections of level yard on the hill. Flower or vegetable gardens can be planted in these level areas. Homeowners should again consider where the sun is when planning what to plant in their terrace. If the house blocks most of the sun, it will be difficult to get much to grow. Depending on the size of the hill, steps should be added somewhere to make it easier to maintain the plants in the box.

Curb Appeal

One of the most important for front yard planning is the curb appeal. The landscaping should complement the style of the house and the homeowners without overpowering the structure. A modern style home should have a very simple landscape with clean lines and balanced plantings.

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