Luxury Countertops

There are several options to consider with countertops when choosing to improve the kitchen. There are two popular stone choices for countertops in Metro Detroit, granite and marble. There are distinct differences between the two. Granite is categorized as an igneous rock, which is made from molten lava.

There are many different options with granite, as no two pieces are alike. Each piece of granite has a different design and pattern. Granite countertops are great for kitchens since it is heat and scratch resistant. These two reasons make it an incredibly popular choice for many homes.

Marble, unlike granite, is a metamorphic rock, and composed mainly of calcite. Its look is completely different from granite, as it has a lighter shade and is considered a “veinous” material, which gives the stone its marbled effect. Marble is porous and can be susceptible to staining. It also cannot stand high heat, unlike granite.

This isn’t to say it shouldn’t be used in the kitchen, it just requires more maintenance than the granite countertop would. Marble is an exquisite stone with which to work, as it can be sculpted to virtually any shape. This makes it a beautiful commodity in the home.

Neither granite nor marble are inexpensive. While both carry a hefty price tag, granite may be the more costly of the two due to its resilience and easily customizable colors and patterns. Always do a research before buying, take your time to find the best granite countertops in Metro Detroit. One important question a homeowner must ask himself when updating countertops is how much traffic will the countertops have?

If the answer is a fair amount, granite would be the clear choice. It will be less expensive and easier to maintain in the long run. If the countertops are not used as frequently and one prefers a more aesthetic look, marble is a beautiful way to go.

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