Massage gun comes in different shapes and sizes with designs that aim at helping certain areas in the body.

A lot of these stand out due to their ergonomic shape, power or speed, but before you make a purchase, you should understand what suits you best.

When used regularly it can help to prevent muscle injury and help the athletes stay longer in the game. It is also useful for anyone suffering from sore muscles, pain in the lower back, muscle cramps or scar tissues.

It is a beneficial part of the pre and post-workout stretching and you can use the different attachments and speed adjustments to pinpoint your target areas.

What type of massage gun is going to be able to push deep into your muscles and release tension?

So, here are some features you need to look out for before you buy a massage gun.

Specifications Best Massage Gun

A lot of percussion guns have a bunch of listed specifications, describing what they’re aimed for.

While a lot of massage guns are made for anyone ranging from a professional sportsperson to a layman suffering from neck pain, there are some that are made solely for people of a specific profession or people suffering from a set of muscle tissues.

You don’t want a massager that is too slow or a massager that’s too intense and powerful for your muscle tissues.

Therefore, it is best to choose a massager that comes with speed adjustments so you can regulate the amount of pressure you want. It is best to search online. There are some really good online portals in Norway, such as the, where you can browse a lot of different types of massagers to find the best one for your purpose.

Rotation Type

The best massage gun will rotate at an angle of 90 degrees or better. A massager that doesn’t have this type of rotation isn’t the best massage gun.

A better angle will make it easier to reach every corner of the body and apply an appropriate amount of pressure.

Areas like our back and lower back are especially hard to reach if you’re doing it all by yourself. The best massage gun will come handy and will be easy to use in situations like this.

Torque or Pressure

The standard here is around 80 lbs of torque, but it’s also best to test out the massager if you can.

While many massagers boast on their speed, they often can lack torque or stall force. Massage Guns with low stall force can actually be brought to stop pretty easily with a minimal amount of pressure applied.

Speed Adjustments

If your massager has speed adjustments, it will prove out to be more beneficial for you. Not having a speed adjustment is not a problem but all the best massage guns have it.

Speed adjustment gives you the option to choose and regulate the amount of pressure and percussions you want to apply in one region.

Often, for a sensitive area, you require gentle strokes instead of powerful percussions.

Especially, for the lower back, you won’t have to apply all the pressure all at once to the target pain and you can work your way through the different speed levels as you build to a more aggressive speed.

Interchangeable Head Attachments

The different head attachments help in targeting different muscles in the body and with different angles and pressure.

For example, the cone head attachment is for pinpointing muscles in the feet or wrists. Most, but not all, the best massage guns in the market come with several different attachments.

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