Piano Movers – Why use professional Piano Movers?

The piano is a beloved and unique piece, on occasions, more than hundred years old. But when it is time to move a piano to a new house, it becomes a serious liability. There are currently many of piano movers in the Chicago.

Whether you bought the piano yourself or inherited it, it is probably priceless. Moving the piano to your new home may result in a severe damage to the piano, to your back, and if you happen to hire an inadequate piano mover then to your heart. There are many different types of piano moving companies; some are good for long distance moves and some only for local. And who knows, maybe you will decide to move your piano on your own – it is possible but there are some things to know about how to move a piano – we will help you with that as well.

Why use professional Chicago piano movers? Piano movers don’t come cheap. But on the other hand no professional does. Would you fix your car on your own? I know that some of you do that but I personally believe that every man and woman should stick to what they are good on. For me, it is playing the piano and not moving a piano.

The weight of a piano can easily exceed 1000 pounds. It has an awkward shape with no proper place to hold and on top of that it is very gentle. Experienced and professional Chicago piano movers have proper techniques for padding and wrapping the piano to keep it safe. Piano movers have techniques for lifting and dragging it correctly so it won’t hurt their back. They have equipment to help them carry it without damaging the piano or the surrounding furniture.

In recent years, some piano moving companies started tuning the pianos for free at the end of the move. Make sure to ask your piano movers if such a service is also included. In case there are stairs involved, seriously consider using freight lift. Using a lift has its costs but will save a lot of time and your piano would have better chances of arriving to its destination safely.

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