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Popular music download sites

MP3 Base is another online music directory which consists of the largest collection of music albums. In the homepage, you’ll find the top songs, top albums and the top artists which keeps you updated about the most happening music. Downloading tracks is very much easier with MP3 Base and you can create an account for getting access to additional features. You can also set a song as favorite and access it quickly the next time when you login.

Epitonic is an MP3 downloading site which does not include a large music database like the other platforms but you can still download tracks from it. You can also play and stream music from the site and view track details like bio, album, artists and other details. You will also find exclusive news from the site like the latest music releases, interviews, articles, reviews and guest playlists.

eMP3World is another huge music directory where you will find the top downloaded tracks and the latest music additions. eMP3World includes a unique feature through which visitors can edit the site content and eMP3World detects the broken links and replace them with the working ones. You can discover your favorite music from the site and download music legally straight to your computer hard drive.

These are just couple of sites. There are many more available. Just type something like “Situs download mp3 gratis” and you will get numerous results to choose from. As with any other service on Internet you need to check the website you are going to use before downloading anything.

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