Private Investigators

Factual Investigator

Factual Investigators conduct investigations for clients usually an Insurance company or Lawyer, and prepare evidence for court proceedings. They also collect facts through interviews, statements, documents and other physical evidence, they don’t conduct surveillance.

Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance Investigators conduct surveillance for clients which are usually Insurance companies and prepare a detailed report of the surveillance conducted. They discreetly obtain video or photographic evidence and gather information of the subject of an investigation.

Duties and tasks a Private Investigator may perform:

  • Gather information for use in legal proceedings (Lawyer)
  • Conduct surveillance and maintain records
  • Investigate Insurance or worker’s compensation claims
  • Prepare reports of investigations
  • Take videos or photographs for use as evidence
  • Work undercover in organizations to gather specific information
  • Seek missing persons
  • Locate witness
  • Take statements from witnesses

Private investigators and private detectives are professionals in their field; they uncover the facts and report the truth for you to make your own informed decision. Investigators operate in complete confidence, obtaining swift and accurate results.

If you have made the decision to use a private investigator, you must be looking for answers. You need to have all the facts before a confrontation with someone. This applies whether it is a personal, matrimonial or business problem. Private investigator can supply you with all the available facts by using all of skills and equipment.

Private Investigation Company, such as Stillinger Investigations – https://investigatesc.com/, can help in the fight against insurance fraud, provide evidence for fraudulent benefit cases, trace debtors, computer forensics, cheating spouse…

Perhaps you want to find and make contact with a missing friend or relative with the help of private investigator. A private investigator can also help identify a corporate mole who is selling company secrets, or log the activities of someone suspected of insurance or benefits fraud. Working within the law, private investigator use the latest technology to gather information.

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