Propane Gauge Basics

A propane gauge is a useful tool when needing to check the amount of propane remaining in a tank. Because individuals can not visually see how much gas a container is holding, it is important to monitor how much gas remains.

In addition to safety issues, knowing the amount left in a person’s outdoor grill tank, propane-powered heater, recreational vehicle and boat for example is necessary in order not to be at an empty or low level during important times or events.

Another type of gauge is the fixed level gauge used by professionals in the business of delivering propane that a particular tank is at a maximum safety capacity. These are used in commercial situations.

How To Use A Propane Gauge

When reading a propane or natural gas gauge, most are designed to be fairly simple and straightforward although there are others that are very technical and have a lot of extra features. The basic design has a color-coded dial to show when the tank is full (green), running low (yellow) or is near empty (red).

Additional features include the ability to glow in the dark or to sound an alarm when the tank is low. Some offer a safety feature that will check each time it is utilized (as when starting up the heater) for gas leaks that may be a result of loose connections.

Most large propane tanks will have a gauge attached, but for smaller, individual use type tanks, a propane gauge may have to be purchased. They can be found for sale at many home or outdoor retail stores, large superstores, boat and recreational vehicle supply stores and on the Internet through various manufacturers and businesses that sell online.

Prices vary depending on capacity of the tank as well as the propane tank fuel gauge type and special features desired. The installation is usually straight forward for most of the basic gauges. In general, the proper use of a propane gauge is an important tool when using propane tanks for any reason.

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