Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Refrigerator is an indispensable part of your house as well as your life. You are very much dependent on it and even a slightest issue can cause inconvenience to you and your entire family. However, like any other electrical appliance, refrigerators do break. You cannot completely avoid it but by keeping it in healthy condition, you can make it last longer and minimize fridge repairs. Further, by maintaining this high energy consuming appliance, you will be able to increase its efficiency. Here are a few tips that will help you cut down your fridge repair costs.

Make sure there is proper air circulation

The most common reason for refrigerator malfunctioning is improper air circulation that leads to overheating. If there is an insufficient airflow around the condenser, it will not be able to eliminate the heat, resulting in overheating. If you do not want to call up a appliance repair Rockland County agency, such as Renah Appliance Repair, make sure you keep the compressor cool. The gap between the wall and your refrigerator body should be sufficient to allow proper air flow. Leave gaps all around; not just the back. Clean the coils regularly so that dust and dirt don’t get accumulated on them. A dirty coil will block the air flow.

Replace the door seal if it is not working properly

Modern refrigerators have magnetic seals that will ensure that the door remains tightly closed. However, if you think the seal is not working properly, call up a fridge repair agency to get it examined. You can even do it yourself at home. Place a single piece of paper between the body and the unit and then close the door. If the paper slides out easily, the seal is not working properly and needs to be replaced immediately. Even a slight gap between the door and the body can cause air leakage, thereby putting pressure on the compressor.

Place your refrigerator away from heat sources

As we already said, heat can damage your appliance. Along with allowing the compressor to cool down the refrigerator, you have to ensure that external heat is as low as possible. Do not keep the refrigerator near heat sources such as near the dishwasher, oven, heating vent, etc. Also, never choose a place where it will receive direct sunlight. The cooler your refrigerator is, the longer it will last, and the lesser will be your fridge repair expenses.

Do not open the door for a long time

This sounds obvious. The more you open the door, the more the cool air will get leaked. If you keep the door opened for long time, the compressor has to work hard to re-cool the air. This affects compressor’s life and the life of your most-dependable appliance. Teach your kids not to open the door frequently.

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