Remind Yourself Of Your Personal Commitment

Living for Christ requires daily doses of courage and perseverance. It is too tempting to give up or give in. It takes the resolve of saints to fully commit to Christ on a daily basis and truly live for him not just with our words but with our actions. It takes strength to love him not just in public but also when no one is looking. It takes real strength to follow Him both in good times and in bad. Who can find courage to always be thankful even when everything seems to be falling apart?

Jesus t-shirts remind us that His words never fail

The good news is that we can trust God’s words. We can find refuge in his promises because He himself said in Deuteronomy that his words don’t come back to him void. In other words, His words don’t fail. How can they? They are, after all, uttered by the same voice that created everything. The good news is that Christ promised those that come to him that the yoke He will give them will be light. How can this be? Aren’t yokes normally made of heavy wood or heavy thick strands of metal? The reason Christ’s yoke is light is because He himself will bear it for us. If we follow Him, he sends His Holy Spirit to us daily to give us the strength to resist temptation and to do what is right day after day after day. It is His Holy Spirit that enables us to walk in his commands daily because our own strength will fail us. Ultimately, it is Jesus Christ himself who gives us the power to live for Him every single day.

You can help yourself this basic truth by wearing Jesus t-shirts. Jesus t-shirts serve as daily affirmations that YES-we CAN do everything through Christ who strengthens us as you can read from https://www.devote.se/christiantshirtsdesi/best-christian-t-shirts-31371296. This means forgiving people who have hurt us. This means being able to stand by our principles when it is so much more profitable and easy to cut corners. This means we are able to say NO when the world says ‘If you don’t do it, someone else will.’ Jesus t-shirts serve as personal reminders of the commitment we’ve made.

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