The condition of a road is very important, and should be maintained at all costs to prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring due to neglect. Yet, with the sheer amount of road traffic, weight, speed of traffic and location affecting the road’s surface, it can be hard to keep on top of it. So, when contracting the services of a professional there are numerous considerations to be made.

Type of Traffic

Obviously if you are contemplating surfacing the road, the condition has deteriorated beyond repair. Yet, before you invest you need to consider the type of traffic which the road in question receives on a daily basis. Is it a main road that receives a high volume of traffic? Does that traffic consist of mainly cars, or does it include heavy goods vehicles? What speed is the majority of traffic travelling at? Does it lead up to a roundabout or a junction?

All of these questions are important, and by answering them you can identify what type of road surfacing you will require.

Surfacing Materials

There are numerous surfaces you can select from. If you have answered the question above you will have determined if you require a hard wearing, anti-skid or friction resistant surface.

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Additional Considerations

Always ensure you contract the services of a accredited engineer. This will assure a high level of quality in the work they perform, and ensure they comply with safety regulations. Also make sure to get your roads attended to sooner rather than later if you notice their condition has begun to worsen as they could begin to pose a safety hazard.

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