Ensure that you learn to ski properly and feel confident doing so. Don’t rely on friends or family members to teach you, use a certified ski instructor. The better your skiing knowledge and technique, the less mistakes you’ll make, and the less mistakes you make, the less you’ll be putting yourself in harms way. Research has proved that those who take more ski lessons are less at risk of injury than those who have taken fewer lessons.

By taking skiing lessons at a ski school, you’ll be able to learn to ski correctly within a week. After that time, your skills and confidence will be at a level that will enable you to safely make the most of what your chosen resort has to offer. Good Ski schools, such as the escuela ski Moga at Baqueira Beret ski resort offer private ski lessons, group ski lessons, or both. Private lessons are much more expensive than group ones but all of the ski instructors attention is concentrated on you and you‘ll make quicker progress.

If opting for group skiing lessons, it’s advisable to first find out the number of students in a class. It really depends on how a ski school manages the students, but ideally look for one that has class sizes of no more than seven or eight students. A ski school that tries to fit many more students in a class than that is more focused on making money than providing quality ski instruction and should be avoided.

Who they’re for is also important (beginners, intermediates, experts or all levels?). Skiers with more or less the same skiing abilities should all be assigned to the same class. Some ski schools will simply ask you what you feel your ability level is and others will ask that you participate in a ‘test’ in which you ski down a couple of slopes whilst supervised by an instructor and show the best turns that you can do. If you’re unsure of your ability, it’s better to start off in a lower ability class and ask to be moved up into another if you find it too easy.

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