Social Media Marketing

Many people use the terms “mobile marketing” and “social media” to describe two totally different subjects. However, when you get right down to it in today’s world, you really have to understand that mobile marketing IS social media and vice versa. Missing this point is a large reason why most marketing campaigns fail.

Mobile marketing needs to incorporate social media. Social media needs to incorporate mobile marketing. You MUST have both for your brand to reap the viral rewards attributed to successful campaigns created by certified mobile marketers and creative campaign managers.

Mobile marketing has come a long way from the simple “text KEYWORD to SHORTCODE”. Are you blogging? Does your blog have opt in forms and if so, is your blog (and landing pages) mobile optimized? Do you have a professionally designed Facebook fan page?

Does your page advertise your mobile offer(s)? Can a prospect opt into your mobile and email marketing campaigns directly from a form on your site, blog, or Facebook page? … from their smart phones and mobile devices? Is that page custom branded with your logo and company look/feel? Are you promoting your brand on Twitter?

Does your YouTube account contain videos specifically designed to promote your mobile marketing campaigns where your entire social media presence gets updated whenever posts, news, or texts are sent out?

Obviously those are just some of MANY questions you need to address for EVERY campaign you create and promote. The problem with most marketers is that they fail to understand the complimentary nature of mobile marketing and social media. They treat them as two different subjects. Top influencer marketing agencies will tell you that will not result in a successful marketing effort which invariably leads many to the false conclusion that social media marketing doesn’t work – or that text message mobile marketing doesn’t work.

It does work, but you need to hire mobile marketers who understand how powerful the combination of mobile marketing and social media can be.

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