Tamako market episode 11 review

This episode was absolutely great! It was the best! I had a feeling this would happen, too! It’s not like it wasn’t coming, seeing as a lot of the viewers, including myself, were anxiously waiting for it to happen, but I’ll get to that later.

First and foremost: I saw it. I, again, paid a lot of attention to Midori. I couldn’t believe that she’s in love with Tamako. I was still under the impression that they were childhood friends, nothing more. That’s when I noticed how Midori reacted when she heard that Tamako may or may not get married to a prince. Both she and Mochizou were depressed. A regular ‘friend’ doesn’t get depressed over news like that.

It wasn’t just those two though. Oh no, everybody in the district was shocked when they heard the news, especially Tamako’s father. Yeah, I guess fathers don’t like to give away their young, precious daughters to unknown royalty from foreign countries. Strange, huh? Poor guy will never get a break for as long as he lives, probably.

I was getting nervous when Tamako said that she wasn’t interested in marriage. Hell, I was getting nervous when she said that she wasn’t interested in that prince. That’s when it hit me; Tamako is a complete airhead when it comes to romance. How in the hell will she make up her mind? I could only come to the following conclusion: she needs an assertive boyfriend that will help her along the way.

Yeah, I was thinking that, when suddenly that prince showed up at the very last second. I was ecstatic. The romance is about to start, I hope. It may have been rather cliche (boy helps a girl find something precious to her, boy and girl fall in love and boy and girl end up together), but I don’t mind that at all at this point. There are more reviews on top 10 anime characters article about other anime too.

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