Tea: Revives in bubble tea

Finally after work. What could be nicer than a relaxing and vitalizing drink? Of course, we are not talking about an alcoholic drink, but about a tea drink that is beneficial for body, mind and soul.

A bubble tea is ideal here. A mixture of milkshake, fruit shake and tea. The basis is a green or black tea, which is mixed with milk and additionally enriched with fruit syrup. Of course, you can also take teas enriched with different flavors, e.g. B. a jasmine tea, which was often used to refine high-quality teas, but is now a very special, fine tea blend. The flowers are added to a green or semi-fermented tea.

While this type of tea preparation has already achieved a certain cult status in China and the USA, we are increasingly enjoying such a sweet, yet extraordinary tea in this country, which is drunk with a straw. The tea-milk mixture is then enriched with honey or sugar, and what should not be missing from a bubble tea are, of course, the tapioca balls. These are cooked in advance for half an hour until they have a special consistency. Since they are tasteless, they are dipped in a sugar solution after cooking and only then added to the tea drink. It is up to you to decide whether you want to drink your frothed tea with ice, or rather the recently warm versions. There is even a bubble coffee.

This tea drink was invented in Taiwan, but initially it did not contain any beads. Bubble tea means something like bubble tea and is the translation of a Chinese word that describes the very special preparation of the drink. All ingredients, tea, milk, sugar and ice cream were originally mixed together like a shake. This creates the foamy surface. It was only a few years after the invention of the drink that the colored tapioca balls were added. This drink only became known in Japan after a television report. Then, however, it quickly spread throughout Asia, the United States and finally more and more in Europe. So if you are looking to own a waralaba Bubble Drink, you can simply search for information online.

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