Not every video posted on the web has a content strategy behind it. The mistake many businesses make is to simply upload a video in the hope that they will get viewed. Do a search on YouTube for videos with a similar title or on a similar subject. The number of views they receiving will help to determine if they have a video strategy behind it.

You’ll need to come up with a structured plan for video implementation over a 3 – 12 month period.

First, you need to define what success looks like for your business or campaign. Will this be an increase in leads, sales, or visits to your website? Perhaps an increase in click through rates, or a reduction in bounce rate?

When you set out to create a video marketing strategy, the road ahead may seem long – but there are indicators that can be assessed early on to determine if your campaign is going well, or off to a good start. How many likes are your videos receiving, how many shares, how many comments? How many people people are linking to your blog or videos? Are viewers watching your videos all the way through, or dropping off half way through? There are several online platforms and tools online that can be used to monitor this, such as Wistia.

To reap the benefits from your organization promotional video campaign, produce content that is interesting and useful. This will help to establish your brand as the go to experts in your industry – if your content is promoted correctly.

Identify key bloggers or influencers in your industry. Would they be willing to be interviewed on camera talking about your industry, or reviewing your products or services?

If you are considering producing a series of online videos, put together a editorial calendar. This may involve releasing a video, or a batch of videos, once every week, 2 weeks or monthly. Have a reason for communicating to your prospects, have something new to say. This can help to build a sense of anticipation among your target audience.

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