Wearing Christian clothing is an act of commitment

Wearing Christian clothing nowadays is not like wearing religious wear back in Jesus’ day. Back then, the Judean world Jesus moved in gave lots of brownie points to religious types that gave grand speeches, disfigured their faces to publicize their fasting, and made all sorts of displays so they can be seen in places of prestige at well-publicized events like weddings. Today, spiritual wear is often looked down upon. In our modern world, religion and spirituality are viewed as relics of the past. Indeed, being an ‘out of the closet’ Christian is a surefire way to get all sorts of negative attention.

So far from the Pharisees of old, modern Christians wearing Christian clothing today are embarked on a defiant adventure. They are defying the ‘go along to get along’ world of modern life to stand courageously for principles that are increasingly viewed as out of date, intolerant, irrelevant, and pointless. Far from getting you a ‘place of honor’ at public events, wearing Christian clothing is an act of commitment because it can draw insults, mad stares, and wagging tongues. Wear it loud and wear it proud-since your pride isn’t based on your own works, merit, or worth but on the author of the words on your Christian clothing-our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as explained on https://ko-fi.com/post/Christian-Faith-T-Shirts-Y8Y7276PG.

You may be the only Bible some people will ever get to read

As a Christian, you should remember that once people know you are a Christian, they will be watching you. They will be looking for situations when your actions don’t match your words. In a very real sense, you will be carrying the trademark and brand of Christ. This is a heavy responsibility. People often prefer a sermon they can see rather than the ones they merely hear. Make sure your actions bring glory to Him that saved you. Claim his victory on the cross and get the power to align your life to the words you proclaim. Only His power can do this since humans have no such power.

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