What Does Your Christian Shirt Say About You?

A shirt can say more about you than you think. Never underestimate the power of the shirt…

Never underestimate the power of the shirt, for it can subliminally tell those around you things you maybe didn’t want disclosed, for example;

Wearing loud, flamboyant clothing screams “look at me!” and “I need you to reassure me.” Not very effective when vying for that promotion and not too great when trying to be taken seriously.

Avoid dressing like your dad and appearing older than your years by avoiding broad woven shirt designs in earthy tones, they will make you look like you are hankering for ration packs and days gone by, of course there is nothing wrong with this but leave your inner national guard at home, or at least in the garden.

Jean shirts will just make you look like you’re desperate for a bit part in Beverly Hills 90210, enough said!

Leave the ‘wacky’, ‘craaaazy’, daring shirts for those who are embarking out on their own business ventures, you’re not stupid and you know that there is a time and a place for everything. Remember, work is not a fashion show, unless of course your work is for a fashion show.

Take note guys, a great Christian shirt will not only say you’re religious, but powerful, successful and obviously an impeccable member of society, it could quite literally get you further than you think in life as you can read from Ken’s Christian T-Shirts – Christian Apparel portal.

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