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What Gear Do You Need For Your First Game?

So you’ve got a date set for your first paintball game, but you don’t know what to bring? I’ll just assume you’re going to an actual paintball field, and not just woodsballing with your friends.

First Time Paintballing


Yes, paintball is an expensive sport. You don’t want to get to the field and find out that you don’t have enough for rentals, paintballs, air, and the entrance fee. Some fields don’t charge an entrance fee, but make sure you check before you go, or bring enough cash just in case.


Lots of fields require you to buy your paintballs from the field, which is a lot more expensive than buying them somewhere else. Check and see if you are allowed to BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint). It will be much cheaper that way.

Long sleeves/pants

As long as it’s not going to be too hot, you’ll want to wear long sleeves and pants. Yes it’s still going to hurt when you get shot, but not as much as bare skin.


Depending on how long you’re going to be playing, you should bring some refreshments. Some fields don’t sell food, and the ones that do are usually pricey. Just bring a bottle of water and some sandwiches or something, playing is going to make you hungry.


You’re probably going to want to take pictures/videos of the field, since it will be really cool, so don’t forget your camera.

You will be able to rent your gun, CO2 (maybe even HPA), and mask from the field. If it’s your first time paintballing, it’s usually best to rent the first time as described on getpaintballgun.com. Once you play, you can decide if you want to buy your own equipment.

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