Why Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning is a type of window cleaning that has been around for awhile, but hasn’t really gained any popularity until recent years. What it basically allows you to do is clean your windows, even on the second and third floors without a ladder. It also does a great job of saving time during the process. There are a few downsides to this method however such as the fact that you need running water and a power source of some kind for most types that people would purchase for personal use.

No Ladder Required – This was a huge thing for me when I was trying to decide on if I needed one of the water fed pole systems. Because of my extreme fear of heights it’s almost impossible for me to clean the windows on the second and third stories of my home. Now however I can clean them quite easily and quickly. I also don’t have to mess with moving the ladder over 2 feet every time I want to get to the next window on the second floor. I also don’t have to worry about the ground being soft of uneven when I’m trying to get the ladder to sit flat on the ground.

Time Saver – This was another big factor for me. I have a very demanding job and when I get done working I want to spend time with my significant other and not trying to wash the windows on my home and my investment properties. For whatever reason I can clean windows so much faster with these Water Fed Window Cleaning Poles. You don’t have to move the ladder or always be grabbing for more Windex, it’s really nice.

The downsides I mentioned earlier aren’t a huge deal to most, but they do need to be mentioned. Any water fed pole window cleaner will need both a water and power source. For most people this should be to big of a problem with a nice long extension cord and a long garden hose from their yard.

Water fed pole cleaning won’t be for everyone and I completely respect that. For others however with lack of time and fear of heights they are truly a life saver. If nothing else at least take a look and see what you think about water fed pole window cleaning before saying you don’t need one, you might be surprised.

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